Europe has lost step by step its competitiveness. The core of European welfare is depended on the industries, especially mechanical engineering industries. During and after the project we want to improve radically the cooperation between mechanical engineering industry and related High Education Institutions (HEI): expanding partnerships to new companies, spreading the novel partnership model to new European HEIs, committing Small and Middle size Enterprises (SME)-associations and decision makers to support the novel partnership model. The project is needed to change scatted university-enterprise cooperation to goal oriented and strategic managed walking hand-in-hand.


Objective 1: Business line is driven and strategy based cooperation management.

Objective 2: Development of staff of companies is continuous and based on the strategic choices relative to the competitiveness.

Objective 3: International resource pool is easily available and improving the competitiveness of companies.

Objective 4: Real life problem solving in company-student-staff of HEI triangle.

Further information:

Anneli Kakko

Lehtori, Senior Lecturer
Teollisuustekniikka, Industrial Engineering
Teknologia, School of Technology