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Pedagogical Handbook on Mobile Education & Training of Digital Rehabilitation Competencies

This handbook is the result of the ERASMUS+ funded project DIRENE (2020-1- FI01-KA226-HE-092634) with the title "Competences for the new era of user- driven digital rehabilitation" (see chapter "About DIRENE" below).

Focusing on this topic, this handbook provides you as educator with specific examples, how digital rehabilitation may influence you in the stages of designing a (mobile) course, and how you could reflect these aspects with your learners to prepare them for practice.

A handbook is different from a manual. The following chapter-boxes offer step- by-step guidance, supported by links to exemplary use-cases and deepening information.

Limitations: The provided content is based on the DIRENE project consortium's research and development. It is neither aiming for completeness nor is it possible to keep it up-to-date. Yet, we will provide you with opportunities to contribute in extending and updating the developed materials.

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