Order Cantinovum's performance or merchandise


Order Cantinovum to perform

Cantinovum is interested in performing in various kinds of events! Please tell us about the nature of the occasion, time and place, preferred lineup and style, and we'll send you an offer.

Some example prices:

  • quartet or double quartet, 10-15 minutes of music: 300 €
  • bigger group or the whole choir, 20-30 minutes: 650 €

The prices above are just examples and the price will be decided individually. We kindly ask you to send your request well ahead so that we have enough time to prepare.

Send an email to keikat@cantinovum.fi.

Order Cantinovum merchandise

Support Cantinovum by buying our merchandise! Shipping and handling costs will be added to the price. We will contact you with the total price quote and payment information.

For any questions regarding your order or ordering in general, please contact pj@cantinovum.fi.


  • O Christmas Night CD - 12 €
  • Suven henki CD - 12 €
  • Lauloa minä lupasin CD - 9 €
  • Commissioned by Cantinovum CD - 9 € (only a few copies remaining)

Other merchandise:

  • Cantinovum reflector - 3 €