BioBoosters – Boosting Circular Transition

BioBoosters joins partners from Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, and Germany. We connect 9 regions with strong bioeconomy innovation ecosystems to help circular bioeconomy business transition in the Baltic Sea Region with an international Hackathon service. 

Together, we help bioeconomy companies to apply circular economy business models and improve the sustainability and competitiveness of their operations.

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BioBoosters Hackathon - Fast-track your circular economy transition with innovative solutions and new business and RDI partners

We are looking for prominent companies of the bioeconomy value chains that want to solve a technical or operational challenge related to circular economy transition. 

Tell us about your challenge and we will plan an open innovation process according to your needs! 

We offer an effective and effortless process to find solutions to your challenge and to engage new partners to work with you on your challenge.

As a result, your company will benefit from:

  • Scouting of solutions via extensive international business and research networks. 
  • Learning to look at your challenge in new ways with out-of-box ideas from cross-sectoral experts, SMEs, start-ups and research teams. 
  • Support from experts in the further development of ideas and the commercial implementation of solutions.
  • Tangible business benefits and sustainability impacts via established RDI and commercial partnerships. 
  • Positive visibility for your company’s sustainability mission. Building brand image and employer image.

What is a BioBoosters Hackathon?

BioBoosters Hackathon is based on a proven service model piloted with 15 companies in Finland. Now, the service is upgraded with the international network co-operation. The international network is supporting the Hackathon via co-operation in active scouting of solution providers and joint marketing of the Hackathon call. In addition, we’ll engage relevant international mentors and experts to the Hackathon process.  

Read more on the Hackathon service, our references and impact stories  

Do you have a challenge for us?

We are looking for in total 18 companies operating in Baltic Sea Region to share their challenge and engage in solving it through our Hackathon process. 

Hackathon can be commissioned by one or more companies with the desire and opportunity to continue working with the winner of the Hackathon to bring the new solutions on the market. Depending on the assignment, the Hackathon process can be arranged as a contact, virtual or hybrid implementation.

If you are interested in this opportunity, kindly contact us. You can find direct contact details under BioBoosters Hackathon hosts, or you can send us a contact request.

What kind of company partners and challenges are we looking for?

Company partners need to have:

  1. Business operations in the Baltic Sea Region
  2. Business operations in the bioeconomy value chains
  3. A challenge in implementing a circular economy business model 
  4. A desire and opportunity to continue working with the winner of the Hackathon to bring the new solutions to the market

Potential challenges include, for example, needs to 

  • identify potential business opportunities for biobased side streams, creating new value chains  
  • identify biobased materials to replace non-renewable materials or harmful materials 
  • identify more sustainable alternatives to current biobased materials and ingredients
  • identify potential business opportunities for utilization of data on biobased resources
  • develop data-based decision making for improved economic, social, and environmental sustainability of biobased resource use
  • identify suitable (ICT) solutions to shift to ‘product as a service’ or sharing models to create more value for customers

In addition, the company partners should be ready to:

  • Help us to evaluate the Hackathon service by proving us feedback
  • Help us to communicate the impact of the Hackathon process by proving a brief written or video statement
  • Approving the publication of an impact story of the winning solution(s) and their sustainability impact 

Selection of company partners is done on first come first served basis once a mutual interest to enter a service agreement is established.

Note! The organizers reserve the right to prioritize proposed challenges based on regional relevance or challenge specific risk assessment.

BioBoosters Hackathon hosts

You can check from the Status under each BioBoosters Hackathon host whether they are still looking for a company partner.

BioPaavo, Bioeconomy Innovation Accelerator of Jamk University of Applied Sciences

Status: Organising ValioHackathon in Autumn 2023
About us: Bioeconomy Business Accelerator that seeks solutions to sustainability challenges with a demand-driven approach. Read more  
Location: Saarijärvi, Central Finland, Finland
Contact: Annimari Lehtomäki, Chief Specialist (+358 50 464 2563 |
Web page: ValioHackathon

Paper Province

Status: Organising MoelvenHackathon in Autumn 2023
About us: "We bring the society into the future with support from the forest!" The world-leading business cluster in forest-based bioeconomy. Read more
Location: Värmland, Sweden
Contact: Magnus Persson, Project Manager (+46 (0)70 342 7941 |
Web page: MoelvenHackathon

Biofuel Region

Status: Organising HolmenHackathon in Autumn 2023
About us: Promoter of a low carbon vehicle fleet and a well-developed bioeconomy. Read more
Location: Västerbotten, Sweden
Contact: Ida Norberg, Project Manager  (+46 (0)70 331 5431 |
Web page: HolmenHackathon

Vidzeme Planning Region

Status: Company partner found for Autunm 2023, information published soon
About us: Vidzeme Planning Region is public authority with responsibility to provide regional development, including promotion of economic activity in the territory of the planning region. Read more › 
Location: Vidzeme, Latvia 
Contact: Rita Merca, Project Manager ( | +371 29476373)

Estonian University of Life Sciences

Status: Searching for a company partner to a Hackathon organized in Spring 2024
About us: Estonian University of Life Sciences is the only university in Estonia whose priorities in academic and research activities provide the sustainable development of natural resources necessary for the existence of Man as well as the preservation of heritage and habitat. Read more › 
Location: Tartu, Estonia
Contact: Katrin Kepp, Head of the Centre of Bioeconomy (+372 5615 7938 |


Status: Searching for a company partner to a Hackathon organized in Spring 2024
About us: Regional Incubator with up-to-date scaling facilities and innovation services for bioeconomy. We are involved in a regional as well as Baltic Sea-wide network of bioeconomy stakeholders and related projects and help develop a sustainable economy for our region together with the partners. Read more ›
Location: Vorpommern-Greifswald, Germany 
Contact: Gudrun Mernitz, Senior Consultant (+4915115273020 |

Pärnu County Development Center

Status: Searching for a company partner to a Hackathon organized in Spring 2024
About us: Pärnu County Development Centre is a foundation steering the balanced development of Pärnu County. The regional innovation hub, which connects the various business development and educational competencies of Pärnu County and is implemented based on the triple helix innovation model, is evolving into a future-oriented development accelerator for the whole region of Western Estonia. Empowering entrepreneurial activity through the supportive incubation and startup services, growing the entrepreneurial mindset and skills of young people by Tartu University Pärnu College and Pärnu Business Incubator, as well as the active involvement of entrepreneurs, all help to increase the competitiveness of the region's economy. Read more › 
Location: Pärnu, Estonia
Contact: Svea Uusen, Business Development Consultant ( | +372 5051797) 

Pro Civis Foundation for Education and Social Dialogue

Status: Company partner found for Spring 2024, information published soon
About us: Foundation aiming at developing and promoting bioeconomy at the local, regional, and national level, with a special focus on entrepreneurs and business fit solutions. Read more ›
Location: Świętokrzyskie Region, Kielce, Poland 
Contact: Damian Kuznowicz, Project Coordinator ( |+ 48 600 435 424) 

Sunrise Valley Science and Business Park

Status: Searching for a company partner to a Hackathon organized in Spring 2024
About us: Read more ›
Location: Vilnius, Lithuania
Contact: Antanas Popiera (

Bioeconomy business accelerator BioPaavo organised an innovation competition, hackathon for DataSpace Europe, in cooperation with Kasvu Open during spring 2023. The aim of the hackathon was to find solutions and partners to utilize communal data and serve the entire food system.

DataSpace Europe's Business Architect Juhani Luoma-Kyyny gives an insight on hackathon's usability in business development and networking. The video is aimed for international audience, to attract challenge providers in hackathons organised by BioBoosters project. The project is connecting nine regions across the Baltic Sea region, to support green transition with the business-driven hackathon model, and co-financed by the Interreg Baltic Sea program from the European Regional Development Fund.

Interviewer: Eija Iso-Ahola, Jamk Institute of Bioeconomy