General guidelines in teaching and moving on campus

JAMK will suspend contact teaching starting from Monday 16 March 2020 until further notice due to the coronavirus situation. Students are advised to stay home to study at a distance.

The transition to distance learning will be done in phases starting in 16 March. Small group and laboratory exercises may be continued if necessary for the time being. Students will receive guidance concerning e-learning / replacement assignments and exam arrangements from responsible teachers early in week 12. Arrangements not related to study periods will be announced separately.

JAMK’s campus premises and entrances will be closed from 18 March to 13 May. Staff is allowed to enter the campus with their own keys on weekdays from 8:00 to 16:00. Read more.

All events in JAMK's premises are cancelled. Instead of meetings and events, remote connections are used. Events outside campus, that are related to work or studying and involve over 10 people will not be attended. Participation in recreational events of over 10 people is also not recommended, as per government recommendations.

Every student of staff member returning from abroad has to stay home for a period of two weeks after the trip. Students have to agree with the teachers upon arrangements for remote studies.

Note: If you have any symptoms of common cold, avoid coming to campus altogether!

How to avoid infection?

Respiratory infections, including coronavirus, are best avoided by maintaining good hand and cough hygiene. Coronavirus spreads in the same way as, for example, seasonal influenza, i.e. coughing and sneezing and via hands contaminated by respiratory secretion.

Always wash your hands:

  • when coming in from outside
  • before preparing food or eating
  • after using the toilet
  • after blowing your nose, coughing or sneezing
  • after touching the same surfaces as someone with the flu.

Do not touch your eyes, nose or mouth unless you have just washed your hands.

Cough correctly – do not infect others: see a video with instructions for coughing

More information and instructions on how to avoid infections is available e.g. on the THL website

The Finnish Institute of Occupational Health has also issued guidelines to prevent coronavirus infection (in Finnish)

Effects on student mobility

JAMK currently does not recommend or encourage students to go abroad for study or training this academic year. If your exchange period has not yet begun, it must be postponed or canceled.

If you are currently abroad, you may interrupt your exchange. Please also note that when returning from abroad you must stay home for a period of two weeks. Notify your teachers responsible for the courses and agree on distance learning / alternative assignments. If you experience symptoms within the two week period, you should contact the health center by phone and agree on follow-up (detailed instructions and contact details below).

The above guidelines and information are based on the Ministry for Foreign Affairs' travel instructions, as well as THL's guidelines and the Board of Education's Erasmus + Mobility Recommendations and JAMK's own guidelines.

When to suspect a coronavirus infection?

Suspicion of coronavirus always requires the following:

1. staying in the epidemic area or confirmed close contact with a coronavirus patient within 14 days prior to the onset of the symptoms.


2. symptoms of acute respiratory infection, including fever, cough or breathing difficulties.
What to do when suspecting a coronavirus infection?

If a student studying in one of the campuses in Jyväskylä is suspected of having a coronavirus infection and meets the criteria for a suspected coronavirus, he/she must stay at home and call the nearest health center during opening hours and outside opening hours the Central Finland Hospital District Emergency Telephone Number 116 117 for further assesment by health care professionals.

If a student on the Saarijärvi campus has a suspicion of coronavirus infection and the criteria are met, he or she should contact the Saarijärvi Emergency Clinic, tel. +358 44 459 8500 during it's opening hours. Outside opening hours the phone number is 116 117.

The student health nurse can provide advice on coronavirus, if needed.



We answer the frequently asked questions here. The list of questions will be updated as needed.

Contact teaching has been suspended at JAMK. What does it mean?

We make every effort to ensure that our studies progress as planned and that our degrees are completed. All lectures and other teaching events will, if possible, be transferred to online implementation. The transition to distance learning will start from Monday 16 March 2020. Students will receive guidance on how to conduct contact / replacement assignments and exam arrangements from responsible teachers.

Can I enter the campus?

Under the Finnish Governments recommendation, JAMK closes its doors on Wednesday 18 March 2020. For the time being, laboratories and testing and analysis services will continue to operate under exceptional arrangements, ie individual or small group work (max. 6 persons).

Also note that:

  • The Main Campus Library is closed. The electronic library services continue normally.
  • All events at JAMK have been cancelled.
  • Restaurants are closed
  • Gyms are closed
How long will the suspension of contact teaching be in effect?

In this situation the campuses are closed until 13 May 2020. The distance learning arrangement is valid until further notice. JAMK monitors the situation and the recommendations of the authorities and health care professionals. Changes will be posted on this website.

Are exams organised normally?

The aim is to change the way the exams are conducted so that they do not require attendance on campus. The course instructors will provide the students directly with additional information.

Can I use the Exam-studio?

All Exam-Studio sessions will be cancelled 18 March - 13 May. We are exploring alternative exam and other assessment methods so that studies can progress on schedule.

How can I contact student services or international services?

The aim is to organize the services entirely online. For example, student services and international services can be accessed via email, chat or telephone.

Student Services
Email: studentservices(at)

The student services chat is open Mon-Fri from 9am to 3pm:
Open chat in a new window

If you need to contact student services by phone, see contact information here:

Admission Services
email: admissions(a)
tel. 040 556 0409

International Services
email: international(a)

Chat for International Services is open Mon-Fri from 9am to 3pm
Open chat in a new window

Open studies
Email: avoinamk(a)

Chat for Open Studies is open Mon-Fri from 9am to 3pm
Open chat in a new window

Can I continue my practical training?

Talk to the teacher responsible for you training period. If your practical training place wants to cancel your training, you can try to re-schedule it. It may also be possible to partially complete the training with substitute tasks.

Note that The Central Finland Health Care District will discontinue all social and healthcare practical training for students with less than 180 credits, and also for all international students. Only students with 180 credits or more are admitted to the practical training. These students can be utilized as a potential resource in nursing if possible during the pandemic.

What happens if the teaching is cancelled?

Alternative methods of study are provided to replace the cancelled teaching (single course or lecture). JAMK monitors the situation and seeks to ensure that studies are not unduly delayed in the event of extensive cancellation.

I am studying in Open Study Path and I need a specific amount of credits. How can I get done if contact teaching cannot be arranged?

Even though contact lessons have been discontinued, it is still possible to complete the courses within the target time. Teachers have been instructed to organize the courses as online implementations. Contact the responsible teacher for information on how to do this.

I have symptoms of common cold or the flu, can I come to campus or to continue practicing?

It is by no means allowed to come to campus or go to practical training if feeling any symptoms. Also, be sure to report to the place of practical training if you stay home because of illness.

We are moving extensively to distance learning. It overloads information systems and can cause problems. Have these been resolved?

It is expected that the load on remote tools and software will multiply by a factor of normal and may be reflected in usability - not only at JAMK, but also in Finland and across Europe. ICT services aims to solve the problems related to teleworking and remote teaching. Teachers contribute to organizing and scheduling network implementations so that systems are not overloaded.

Can I enter the campus for an appointed meeting (eg tutoring, thesis supervision)?

Study counselors, thesis supervisors, study psychologists, applicant services, student services and internationalization services provide remote guidance and counseling. Teacher guidance and counseling services also operate remotely.

Can I travel abroad?

For the time being, JAMK students and staff do not travel abroad for work or study purposes. It is also recommended to avoid traveling in Finland. JAMK students currently abroad have been instructed to return to Finland or alternatively their home country, if possible.

I have just returned from abroad, can I participate in work in campus if such is arranged?

Students returning to Finland must study remotely 14 days after returning to Finland. Working and studying on JAMK campuses is prohibited during this time.

I am required to pay a tuition fee. I need a sufficient number of credits for the Scholarship. How can I ensure enough credits if contact teaching cannot be arranged?

Although we have mainly switched to distance learning, it is still possible to complete the courses within the target time. Contact the responsible teacher for information on how to do this. If the situation changes so that execution is impossible, the situation will be reassessed.

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