28 Jan 2021

JAMK suspends the admission of students from abroad until the autumn

Due to the rapid growth of corona infections in Jyväskylä, JAMK will no longer take in students from abroad during the spring semester and summer. Only students who have already arrived in Finland or are traveling to Finland on 28 January will be accepted.

Due to the spread of infections among students in Jyväskylä and the risk created by more infectious corona mutations, JAMK University of Applied Sciences will suspend the admission of all foreign students until 31 July. Teaching is arranged as remote teaching for those who cannot enter Finland during the spring semester and summer.

Approximately 60 exchange students have arrived at JAMK during the academic year. JAMK has complied with the 14-day distance learning rule for students coming from abroad, during which time the students will not enter JAMK premises. Students have also been advices to avoid human contact in accordance to Finnish institute for wealth and welfare's (THL) guidelines. The students have received groceries distributed by JAMK upon arrival and have been instructed to online grocery shopping.

Studies at JAMK will continue mainly as distance learning in accordance with the recommendations of the City of Jyväskylä. In distance learning, the only exceptions are exams for students, which will be held taking safety distances account. The face mask recommendation and good hand hygiene also apply. Entry to JAMK's campuses is allowed only when healthy.

More information:
Mikko R. Salminen, Director of Administration
tel. +358 50 407 9507
JAMK University of Applied Sciences



Q: I am a new degree student / exchange student and cannot come to Jyväskylä to study, what are my options?

A: We are already in a remote study mode because the coronavirus situation in Jyväskylä has deteriorated. You can study remotely from your home country. Our exchange students have that option as well.

Q: How can I start my studies remotely?

A: You will be provided the needed credentials and information by JAMK via email.

Q: I have already started my studies at JAMK last year and have an apartment in Jyväskylä. Can I continue my studies in Jyväskylä?

A: Yes, if you are from the European Union or have a valid residence permit, and you are allowed entry at the Finnish Border.

  • Remember, that you need to follow JAMK’s guidelines in regards to staying home and refraining from human contact for a two week period after entering the country. There are also restrictions regarding public and social gatherings in Jyväskylä, that you need to be aware of.
  • Please note that there may be extra expenses during the remainder of your exchange in Finland due to corona. These expenses may include corona testing, food or grocery deliveries during a possible quarantine, or even buying a flight ticket back home in case you have to return home earlier than planned.
  • You can also continue your studies remotely from your home country.

Q: I am in Jyväskylä but I want to leave and continue my studies from my home country. Can I do that?

A: As long as the Finnish border is open, you have the right to leave. But if you are exposed to coronavirus or you are waiting for coronavirus test result, you have to stay in your apartment and wait for further instructions from health care authorities. If you have received a positive coronavirus test result, you are in official quarantine set by health care authorities and you cannot leave your apartment.

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