news 21.4.2022

RISEN University Alliance expresses its support for Ukraine and its future reconstruction

Russia's invasion of Ukraine on February 24 continues as a full-scale war. The whole of Europe and much of the world have condemned the actions of Putin-led Russia as violation of international law. Military action is more and more being targeted at Ukrainian civilians. Human and material destruction has already become catastrophic.

Blue and yellow colored picture of teacher and students

RISEN University Alliance of seven European HEIs expresses its support for Ukraine in the current situation and expresses its readiness to support the future reconstruction of independent Ukraine and its research and education sector.

In response to the Russian invasion unprecedented sanctions have been imposed on Russia. They have a major impact on the Russian economy and society. Institutional relations with Russia have also been severed in the higher education sector.

So far, millions of people have fled Ukraine to other European countries. The education system from primary to higher education will play a significant role in the daily lives of the refugees. Where possible, members of RISEN University Alliance have opened their education to Ukrainians and other war refugees from the region. Also RISEN University Alliance HEIs offer different kind of support to all their students and staff in these exceptional times.

The RISEN members are also preparing to contribute for the extensive post-war reconstruction of Ukrainian know-how and infrastructure supported by the European Union and the rest of the international community.

More information on available higher education and scholarships and other financial support for studies at various RISEN universities and universities of applied sciences can be found on the websites of each university.

Bern University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland (Solidarity with Ukraine | BFH)
President Sebastian Wörwag

Esslingen University of Applied Sciences, Germany (
President Christof Wolfmaier

Institute of Technology Sligo, Ireland (
President Brendan McCormack

Jamk University of Applied Sciences, Finland (Jamk for Ukraine)
President Vesa Saarikoski

Karel de Grote University of Applied Scineces and Art, Belgium (
President Veerle Hendrickx

Óbuda University, Hungary (
Rector Levente Kovács

University of Sannio, Italy (
Rector Gerardo Canfora