news 16.2.2022

Jamk will lift almost all COVID-19 restrictions - the transition to contact teaching will take place in March at the latest

Teaching will be organised based on pedagogical principles instead of the fight against disease. Contact teaching can be implemented already during February. The mask recommendation remains on campuses.


Jamk University of Applied Sciences will give up all its corona-related restrictions by the beginning of March at the latest, except for the mask recommendation. Teaching and other activities are no longer primarily driven by disease control issues. 

"There are no national restrictions on the organisation of higher education. With the exception of the mask recommendation, we will lift the restrictions so that contact teaching can be increased already in February. From March onwards, remote teaching will be organised only from a pedagogical point of view. There has also been a justified need for contact teaching from the perspective of student well-being. Now the disease situation would look like we can finally return to normal", says Rector Vesa Saarikoski. 

Restrictions on campuses from the beginning of the year will be lifted in stages so that from March onwards, operations will return to normal. Exceptional evening and weekend opening hours on campuses, set in January, will remain in effect until the end of February. From March, normal opening hours will return and Jamk's teaching facilities will return to normal capacity. From March, the library will also be open again as normal. 

Sports facilities on campuses, on the other hand, will be opened immediately.  

The organisation of events is no longer restricted by Jamk. Events are organised in accordance with the current authority recommendations. Jamk's restrictions on events will be lifted immediately. 

Restrictions on travel will also be lifted so that Jamk will no longer impose its own restrictions, but will act in accordance with official instructions and recommendations - with sustainability in mind. 

"The pandemic has taught us that remote connections allow us to significantly reduce our carbon footprint in our international operations. From an environmental point of view, it is good to favor remote connections in international as well as in domestic cooperation when possible", says Rector Saarikoski. 

Mask recommendation still valid 

The mask recommendation on Jamk's campuses remains in effect. The best protection is provided by the FFP2-level face mask. Jamk reserves masks for contact teaching situations where safety distances cannot be maintained. Masks are also available at campus entrances. Face masks must be used in Examstudios. 

Jamk's Corona Group will continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation and update the guidelines as necessary. The Corona Group will meet next on March 7, 2022. 

Further information: 

Vesa Saarikoski, Rector 
p. +358 50 447 1003 
Jamk University of Applied Sciences