news 22.6.2022

GeNEdu News: Living Lab Trials succeeded in South China

The end of spring semester 2022 marks a fruitful period for GeNEdu, not least because of the successful Living Lab Trials in South China.

In line with the project plan, the trials consist of situational practical trainings at the ready living labs built in the framework of the GeNEdu project on the three Chinese partner universities’ campuses. The trials are organised separately by each Chinese university with the support of EU mentor teachers and professional nurses from associated partner organizations in China.

In June, trials were implemented in two Chinese universities in South China. First, Guangzhou Health Science College (GHSC) organized their trial from 31 May to 2 June in Guangzhou. A total of ten situational practical training cases were performed in the living lab to cover three gerontological nursing themes, in which more than ten different types of digital equipment were used. The GHSC project team enrolled 31 students, ten elderly clients, ten nursing experts, one engineer from local supplier of digital equipment, and at least six teachers to participate in the trial at the physical lab space, with more than 20 nurses and healthcare teachers from associated partners observing the trials online.

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Next, from 6 to 8 June, Guangdong Medical University (GDMU) implemented their trials at the lab located in Dongguan campus. With a similar setting of the trial applied to the GDMU living lab, another round of situational practical training cases was performed through even more comprehensive use of diverse technologies.

several different photos from china

Invited by Jamk, two special guests, Mr. SUN Hongzhi (the Director of Education Sector of China Embassy in Finland) and Ms. Shirlie LI (Senior Advisor, Business Finland South China Office) participated in these two trials and gave speeches at the openings.

The overall outcome of the living lab trials at GHSC and GDMU includes 20 student videos of practical trainings, 20 feedback forms from elderly clients, 20 peer-assessments among students, 37 teacher evaluations, and 44 evaluations from participating nursing experts. The GeNEdu project consortium is looking forward to the last round of trials in north China to be organized at Beihua University in September 2022.