16 Dec 2021

Spring semester in JAMK University of Applied Sciences to start as normally as possible – COVID-19 passport for limited public events

Activities within JAMK University of Applied Sciences are kept as normal as possible in order to improve the well-being of students – taking into account the corona situation.

The COVID-19 situation has been monitored regularly at JAMK University of Applied Sciences during the autumn. Since the beginning of the autumn, efforts have been made to take the activities back to campuses where possible. There are no plans to tighten the COVID-19 related restrictions for the start of the spring semester. The aim is to support the well-being of students and whole JAMK community.

"The well-being of students is the main reason for us not to make radical changes on the current corona restrictions. We have recently sharpened recommendations for the use of face masks on campuses and in all group interaction situations, as well as restrictions on travelling abroad. We have consistently strived for the most normal possible activities in our teaching activities – of course taking into account the use of masks, safety distances and good hand hygiene, says Vesa Saarikoski, Rector of JAMK University of Applied Sciences.

There are no additional restrictions concerning the incoming exchange students at JAMK University of Applied Sciences. National entry restrictions and other country-specific restrictions related to mobility are seen sufficient when considering student mobility. According to current information, about 120 exchange students from JAMK's foreign partner universities are coming to JAMK University of Applied Sciences in the spring of 2022. Exchange students are coming from 25 different countries, and more than 90% of students are coming from European countries. Most of the students are coming from France, the Netherlands, Spain, Austria, Germany and the Czech Republic.

COVID-19 passport at limited public events

As a new precautionary measure, JAMK University of Applied Sciences will introduce the COVID-19 passport at its limited public events for outsiders in accordance with the guidelines of the Regional State Administrative Agency of Western and Inland Finland. In all limited public events for non-JAMK participants, which are attended by more than 50 people, the COVID-19 passport is required.

"The guidelines of the Regional State Administrative Agency do not apply to teaching activities, and the introduction of COVID-19 passport for activities related to teaching or students in general would not be appropriate. However, we feel that requiring a COVID-19 passport at public events held on JAMK's premises is sensible and consistent. In our opinion, the use of passport has been a significant factor in e.g. improving the vaccination coverage, so its use is also justified in that sense", Saarikoski states.

The corona group of JAMK University of Applied Sciences continues its regular meetings and monitors the corona situation. Necessary changes to the guidelines will be made when the situation so requires.

The corona guidelines can be found on JAMK's web pages.

Further information:
Vesa Saarikoski, Rector
tel. +358 50447 1003
JAMK University of Applied Sciences