news 7.10.2021

JAMK's corona guidelines as of 1 November, 2021: Restrictions will be lifted, contact teaching will be increased

JAMK University of Applied Sciences will lift some of the corona restrictions from the beginning of November 2021. Contact teaching is further enabled by removing restrictions from teaching facilities. However, the face mask recommendation remains on campuses and in teaching. The intention is to remove all corona-related restrictions from the beginning of 2022.

JAMK's corona guidelines as of 1 November, 2021: Restrictions will be lifted, contact teaching will be increased.jpeg

JAMK's Corona Team has discussed the guidelines related to the corona situation at its meeting on October 6, 2021. The new guidelines will enter into force on 1 November 2021 by Rector's decision.

Restrictions on teaching facilities will be lifted from the beginning of November. From there on, the teaching facilities can be used at full capacity. The facilities' capacity has previously been limited. The exception are large auditoriums, which are still used at half capacity until the end of the year.

– We will start to remove restrictions in a controlled way in order to enable contact teaching and also the grouping of students. Thus, towards the end of the year, more and more students and staff members will be able to work on campuses. This will greatly affect the well-being of the JAMK community, says Vesa Saarikoski, Rector of JAMK.

Starting from 1 November, the sports facilities and library are also normally open without restrictions. Corona related lunch scheduling will be removed in the campus restaurants and the number of seats in the restaurants can be gradually restored to normal levels. Student and other services are open normally without restrictions.

The face mask recommendation continues

The face mask recommendation will continue on campuses and in teaching situations. The recommendation to use a face mask is especially important in teaching situations where you have to work in close contact as well as in Examstudio rooms. In such situations, JAMK still offers masks for students.

– It was decided to continue the face mask recommendation because vaccine coverage within the student age group is not yet quite at the desired level. By using a mask, we ensure better corona safety even in situations where not everyone has been fully vaccinated yet, Saarikoski says.

In order to improve the vaccine coverage among students, JAMK has organised pop up vaccination points on its campuses in cooperation with the City of Jyväskylä. A total of about a hundred students have visited the pop up points to get vaccinated. Students have received both their first and, if necessary, their second vaccine from the points.

– This has been a good model of cooperation, which we would gladly continue until the vaccine coverage among students is at a sufficient level, Saarikoski says.

Travel still discretionary

With regard to travel, JAMK continues to exercise discretion. Trips abroad are made only with the Rector's approval until the end of the year. Once approved, travel arrangements will be made in the normal way. When returning from trips abroad and for students arriving at JAMK, the applicable official guidelines related to entry are followed (see, for example, Domestic travel is not restricted. However, the aim is to reduce travel and encourage remote participation where possible.

All of the changes above will take effect on 1 November, 2021 and will remain in effect until the end of the year, unless otherwise decided. JAMK's Corona Team continues to monitor the situation and make changes to the guidelines if necessary. From the beginning of 2022, JAMK will strive to lift all restrictions related to the corona.

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