news 19.3.2021

JAMK University of Applied Sciences Joins AWS Academy to Equip Students with In-Demand Cloud Computing Skills

JAMK University of Applied Sciences joins AWS Academy, an Amazon Web Services (AWS) programme that provides higher education institutions with a ready-to-teach cloud computing curriculum.

Beginning in Autumn 2021, JAMK’s students can enroll in courses that will prepare them to pursue careers in the fast-growing cloud computing space and industry-recognized AWS Certifications.

“IT professionals with cloud skills are in high demand, and we’re proud to help advance training and learning opportunities for students at JAMK University of Applied Sciences. With AWS Academy, students will be equipped with the practical skills that help them prosper in cloud related roles”, Juha-Tapio Teno, a senior lecturer in JAMK’s Business Information Technology degree programme says.

JAMK will begin the AWS Academy programme by offering students courses on 3 subjects: Cloud Foundations, Machine Learning and Data Analytics. The courses will provide JAMK’s students with a kick start into cloud computing, artificial intelligence and machine learning, big data and analytics. “The courses provide excellent addition to our curriculum and provide an additional view on how to utilize modern cloud services in business technology”, Teno notes.

“Across many industries, the demand for cloud knowledge and skills exceeds the supply. Talent shortages are expected to have severe consequences for individual companies and the communities in which they operate. AWS Academy invests in higher education by providing a cloud curriculum and educator development opportunities to bolster the worldwide talent supply chain and build a bridge between industry and academia”, says Tracy Applegate, AWS Academy Global Team Lead.

The AWS Academy curriculum is developed and maintained by AWS subject matter experts, ensuring that it reflects current services and up-to-date best practices. Courses are taught by AWS Academy-accredited educators who are trained by AWS to help students become proficient in AWS technology.

“The AWS courses and the possibility to complete them without additional cost as part of their studies gives our students a unique advantage in their future field of work”, Teno says. “The rapid rise of cloud computing is creating a growing number of jobs in organisations around the world, across various industries, and the technical skills that students develop will position them well for their careers today and in the future.”

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Juha-Tapio Teno, Senior Lecturer, School of Business
JAMK University of Applied Sciences