23 Apr 2021

Center of Nursing Excellence launched in Kazakhstan – the ProInCa project created new ways of knowledge-sharing

The Erasmus+ CBHE project ProInCa (Promoting the Innovation Capacity of Higher Education in Nursing during Health Services’ Transition), coordinated by the School of Health and Social Studies during 2017-2021, ended in January. One of the greatest achievements of the project, which aimed to promote and develop higher education in nursing in Kazakhstan, is the Center of Nursing Excellence.

The Center has a unique organizational structure, operated by a consortium of Kazakhstani medical universities and stakeholders to bring together nurses, nurse leaders, teachers, and researchers from all regions of Kazakhstan. The main goal of the Center is to enhance knowledge-sharing, promote nursing research, and increase the regional and international collaboration between nurses, educational institutions, and healthcare organizations.

The Center of Nursing Excellence website at https://nursekz.com/ developed during the project contains practical information about evidence-based nursing, nursing research, and nursing leadership, as well as Nursing Clinical Guidelines, which have been developed in cooperation with JAMK within the World Bank -funded Modernization of Education System for Nurses project. The website also contains a blog for nursing leaders and a Moodle learning environment providing free access to all the learning materials developed during the project to nursing teachers and students. The Center is coordinated by Astana Medical University and Nazarbayev University School of Medicine and operated through one central and five regional offices managed by Kazakhstani medical universities.

The ProInCa project was carried out between four European and five Kazakhstani higher educational institutions, namely JAMK and LAB Universities of Applied Sciences, Finland; Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen, Netherlands; Angela Boškin Faculty of Health Care, Slovenia; Astana Medical University, Karaganda Medical University, Nazarbayev University, Semey Medical University, and West Kazakhstan Medical University named after Marat Ospanov, Kazakhstan. During the three and a half project years, the partners shared best practices and trained over 500 Kazakhstani nurses and nursing students. In addition to the Center of Nursing Excellence and the developed learning materials, the project yielded policy recommendations for strengthening nursing research and evidence-based nursing in Kazakhstan. The project also played an important role in raising the prestige of the nursing profession in Kazakhstan and in giving the nurses the chance to study the full Lifelong Learning continuum up to doctoral studies in nursing.

For JAMK, ProInCa has provided valuable experience on coordinating large-scale international projects and supported the long-standing cooperation with Kazakhstani healthcare organizations. The School of Health and Social Studies is also involved in the new Erasmus+ CBHE project AccelEd (Accelerating Master and PhD level nursing education development in the higher education system in Kazakhstan), which aims to continue in ProInCa’s footsteps by strengthening the Master level nursing education and developing the newly launched PhD level nursing education in Kazakhstan.

Read more about ProInCa’s results from the JAMK publication Promoting the Innovation Capacity of Higher Education in Nursing during Health Services’ Transition and from the project website.

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