5 Jun 2020

Overdue fines removed, the library system will change

The library removes overdue fines and changes the library system

The Library is switching to a new library system Alma during the summer. Due to this change, there will be breaks in the functions of the Janet customer interface in July. We will inform customers about these breaks more closely. Along with the library system change and the inconveniences caused by the COVID-19, the Library will remove customers’ overdue fines.

You will be able to start the new semester in the autumn without any previous overdue fines. Please note! If you have overdue fines in billing or debt collection, they will not be removed.

If you borrow books for the summer, the due date will be September 9th 2020. Please return the books to the Library when you do not need them anymore. This way you help other students to progress in their studies. The drop box by the Main Campus Door F will be open throughout the summer.

Regardless of the library system change, Janet will remain as the customer interface, but some improvements and even new services will become available during the next few months.

Please follow our notices about opening hours.

Teemu Makkonen
Library Director