news 26.11.2020

JAMK's rector and student union JAMKO appeal to students in the worsening coronavirus situation

The current coronavirus situation in Jyväskylä has been monitored with concern at JAMK University of Applied Sciences. The situation in Jyväskylä and the whole country can now be considered significantly worse than in September. Coronavirus is now spreading in Jyväskylä especially among the youth and young adults. JAMK and JAMKO stress that students must now act responsibly so that the disease situation does not worsen further.

Jussi Halttunen, rector of JAMK, would like to remind that it is absolutely important for students to take into account the worsening coronavirus situation in their leisure activities.

"It is not responsible to organize or attend to normal weekend and other leisure activities in this situation. I would appeal to students not to attend any student parties or other gatherings. Pre-Christmas parties and other gatherings should be left for the future or arranged virtually. We must now focus on ensuring that the disease situation is not further worsened by our own actions", Halttunen says.

JAMK's student union JAMKO also wants to remind students of responsible activities, so that future exposures in student communities are avoided.

"Everyone can contribute to the health and well-being of the whole community through their own actions. JAMKO has carried out events remotely, and to keep the disease situation in check, we continue to encourage students to avoid mass events and gatherings. However, this does not mean that you should be left alone: you should keep in touch with friends virtually and, if necessary, you can also get support from JAMK's trained staff", says Antti Paunonen, Chairperson of JAMKO's Board.

JAMK also wants to remind of the use of Koronavilkku. With the help of the application, exposures can be traced quickly if necessary. The app also informs the user of any potential exposures - but only if the infected with a positive result inform about it through the app.

JAMK has previously decided not to organise or participate in major mass events. Events have been organised virtually instead.

Further information:

Jussi Halttunen, rector
tel. +358 400 644 913
JAMK University of Applied Sciences