news 11.11.2020

Erasmus+ Project ResC-EWE: Enhancing business resilience and entrepreneurship skills through MOOC training

JAMK University of Applied Sciences is currently taking part in an Erasmus+ project, “Resilience and rescue skills for SMEs, strengthening Early Warning Europe” (ResC-EWE), implemented during 1.1.2020 - 31.12.2021.

In cooperation with the European partner network, JAMK develops a MOOC that offers formal and informal training for entrepreneurs, students and business mentors across sectors. The MOOC is piloted with the focus groups in the project partner countries.

Why resilience skills?

Training on business resilience is further required for SMEs and individuals to develop their skills and understanding on how to adapt and respond to various crises and risks while continuing current business operations.

The ResC-EWE project plans to redesign entrepreneurship training and counselling in the European education and training system through changing paradigms and mind-sets. This is achieved through, for instance:

  • the integration of risk awareness skills
  • key risk identification and
  • mitigation strategies as well as knowledge to seek advice in the strong Early Warning Europe network and the wide European network of enterprise consultancies.

JAMK develops a MOOC – open to public in 2021

Outcomes of the ResC-EWE project include high quality scalable and practice-based course contents developed in a form of an open online course, MOOC. This is targeted for the needs of entrepreneurs, students and business mentors for education and training to make start-ups and SMEs resilient against distress and crisis.

JAMK is responsible for the development of the MOOC – a training course that includes 5 training videos and a Toolkit that consists methodologies, information and tools for deepening participants understanding on the key topics.  

The MOOC will be piloted with the target groups in the participating countries of Denmark, Spain, Poland, Greece and Finland. Materials will be finalized in 2021 and distributed as an open-source at the Early Warning Europe network website.

Find out more about the project from the Early Warning Europe network website.

Further information:

Janne Laitinen, Project Manager,,  JAMK university of Applied Sciences, School of Health and Social Studies