29 Aug 2019

Music Campus Library is open during construction

The Music Campus Library functions, for the most part, as usual during the extension construction of the Finnish Music Campus.

Entry to the building is from the back (where Moirislampi pond is located) via the terrace door of restaurant Fuuga.

For now, opening and service hours will not change. JAMK students and staff have access to the reference library, sound editing and control room Äänipaja as well as the multifunction devices also in the evenings with their access keys. Access to these facilities may change or be blocked, however, as the construction progresses.

There are no parking spaces for customers. You can park in the streets nearby using a parking disc.

There may be considerable delays in book transportations and with interlibrary service. Always return your Music Campus Library loans to the book drop-box located behind the grand piano in the dining hall of Finnish Music Campus (the outside book drop-box is not in use).

Music Campus Library loans cannot be returned to other libraries and the loans of other libraries cannot be returned to the Music Campus Library.

We apologize our customers for the inconvenience caused.

Utilize the e-materials related to the field of music any time around the clock with your personal JAMK ID. See also Elli E-library.

For further information

Librarian Tapani Lehtonen, 040 359 1704, firstname.lastname@jamk.fi