news 27.5.2019

JAMK dares to try and fail – the audit yielded praise on the quality system and strong culture of experimentation

JAMK University of Applied Sciences was the first Finnish-language higher education institution (HEI) to pass the third cycle of national quality audits. The third cycle of quality audits, carried out by the Finnish Education Evaluation Centre FINEEC, listed the student-centred approach, brave culture of experimentation and versatile learning environments as JAMK’s particular strengths.

JAMK’s quality system received an excellent grade from the audit group on the evaluation area ‘HEI enhances quality and well-being’. The audit team notes that JAMK’s quality system encourages shared development and creates a positive atmosphere in the academic community. The quality work has been carried out on a long-term basis, and it reforms the operations. The quality work is also strongly connected to JAMK’s strategic objectives.

‘We were particularly impressed with the way in which the quality work has been able to create innovative methods and the culture of succeeding and shared development. It was wonderful to see how closely the students and stakeholders also participated in quality work. In addition, the management of the university of applied sciences is actively seeking new development ideas through external evaluations,’ says the chair of the audit team, rector Riitta Rissanen from Lapland University of Applied Sciences.

According to the audit group, JAMK has succeeded in creating an atmosphere where experimentation is not feared, and failure is allowed. The versatile learning environments were also praised. The audit group visited the JYVSECTEC cybersecurity centre, materials technology research, and the new Digital centre, which focuses on the production of online materials.

JAMK’s education exports operations were also stated to be successful due to its long-term systematic focus on internationality. The audit group also proposes JAMK to invest in its strengths, the RDI ecosystems, and emphasising the impact of the university of applied sciences.

As a result of the audit, JAMK received a quality label which is valid for six years. The quality label is a recognition of JAMK’s determined long-term work for the development of quality, as well as proof of JAMK’s abilities to act as part of the European Higher Education Area.

The Finnish Education Evaluation Centre (FINEEC) and its predecessor, the Finnish higher education evaluation council, have carried out independent audits of higher education institutions since 2005. JAMK participated in the development of the third cycle of audits for 2018–2024 by piloting it in its own auditing process. The other national pilot was Novia University of Applied Sciences.

Further information:
Riitta Rissanen, Chair of the Audit Team,
Rector, Lapland University of Applied Sciences
p. 040 029 3545

Jussi Halttunen, Rector
JAMK University of Applied Sciences
p. 0400 644 913

Heikki Malinen, Vice Rector
JAMK University of Applied Sciences
p. 040 772 3376