2 Jan 2018

Tuudo mobile app helps you in everyday student life

Tuudo is a mobile application that contains the most frequently used student services related to studies and everyday student life. The application makes it easier to keep track of your studies, among other things, along with improving the accessibility of teaching facilities and real-time communication of study attainments and making time planning more effective.

Tuudo was developed in collaboration with the Student Union JAMKO. The application works both in Finnish and English, depending on whether the new article concerned, etc. is available in both languages. The application gives you access to the most frequently used JAMK online services and your personal data at all times.

The Tuudo mobile application does not replace all browser-based applications, and using it is not mandatory for students. The application runs on Android and iOS mobile devices and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

For the users of other mobile phones, the device-independent, browser-based Elmo dashboard is still available, and electronic services are still used via Elmo.