15 Jan 2018

JAMK has already provided education and training to 520 future Chinese nurses

The cooperation between JAMK and Beihua University in China continues. At the end of the year, the universities’ joint nurse training programme passed a quality assessment conducted by the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China.

The audit was based on the cooperation between JAMK and Beihua University, which began in 2013 with the launch of a joint nurse training programme in China. At the time, the ten-year education export agreement between Educluster Finland, JAMK and Beihua University served as a giant leap into the Chinese education market.

The quality assessment, which involved a number of similar inter-university training programmes, aimed at determining the current education quality of foreign universities operating in China. The assessment covered a number of areas, such as the objectives and curricula of the training programmes, learning environments, teaching resources, pedagogic solutions and teaching quality. JAMK was found to meet all of the assessment criteria. Thanks to the quality assessment, JAMK and Beihua have now signed an extension to their cooperation agreement up to the year 2025.

Online teaching to be increased

So far, 520 students have taken part in the universities’ joint training programme, with the first participants set to graduate in summer 2018. The nurse training has been conducted primarily in China, with teachers from JAMK travelling to Beihua in each semester to teach the joint student groups during two-week intensive courses.

“The nursing education and training provided by JAMK – and Finland in general – is attractive due to our location in Europe, good reputation, competence-based training model, modern teaching methods and trusted relations between partners. This cooperation provides Chinese nursing students with the opportunity to internationalise at home and also pursue studies in Finland,” says Senior Lecturer Marjo Palvoaara from the School of Health and Social Studies at JAMK.

The students graduating from the joint nurse training programme have received approximately a third of their education and training from JAMK’s teachers based on this method. The actual degrees will be granted by their local university. Additionally, select students will be receiving a degree in nursing from JAMK based on a separate curriculum after completing additional studies in Finland. Currently there are eight nursing students studying at JAMK as part of the joint training programme between JAMK and Beihua. The programme has also included long exchange periods for nursing teachers from Beihua University to undergo training at JAMK.

In the future, the aim is to increase the number of courses held online:

“Online teaching would allow us to further diversify the training and extend course schedules, allowing us to better ensure the participation and competence of individual students,” ponders Palovaara.

The results of the quality audit will facilitate closer cooperation and potential expansion to other competence areas, such as rehabilitation. In addition to this, the results serve to strengthen JAMK’s high-quality competence development in an international environment and support the further development of the university’s education and training. Furthermore, the results will provide JAMK with the opportunity to launch similar joint programmes with other Chinese universities through education exports.

Nursing studies at JAMK

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