27 Aug 2018

Another group of students to study a Finnish Master’s degree abroad - A Kazakh university has concluded their second agreement with JAMK for implementing Joint Master of Health Care

JAMK University of Applied Sciences launches the second implementation of a Master level nursing degree programme in Kazakhstan. The training will be organized in cooperation with the Kazakh Medical University of Continuing Education (KazMUCE). The agreement pertaining to the two-year Master of Health Care programme to be launched in Almaty, Kazakhstan, in September 2018, was signed by Rector Jussi Halttunen and Rector-Chairman of the Board, Zhumagali Islamov. As of today, twenty Kazakhstani students have been selected to the programme; they will receive a degree from both KazMUCE and JAMK.

The degree programme leading to a master’s degree is implemented in cooperation with teachers from JAMK, Lahti University of Applied Sciences and KazMUCE. Most of the studies are implemented as online studies and contact teaching in Almaty, Kazakhstan. The virtual implementation of studies as well as cooperation and co-teaching have proved to be successful. The training will also include pedagogical studies that will provide the students with the qualifications of a teacher. The future teachers will complete some of their studies in Finland.

– Digital learning in its various forms is currently being widely developed in Kazakhstan. A Finnish master’s programme with pedagogical studies, where students can experiment and learn by doing, is especially supportive of this development. The pilot programme, which started last year, has been very successful, says Senior Advisor Johanna Heikkilä from JAMK.

Implementing the training in English brings notable benefit for Kazakhstan, as it improves the nursing professionals’ and future teachers’ capacity to partake in the international community of nursing and nursing science.

The training is intrinsically tied with the major World Bank funded project and the agreement between JAMK and the Ministry of Healthcare of the Republic of Kazakhstan for developing nursing and nursing education. The project, which started at the turn of the year, is currently being implemented by 25 Finnish experts from JAMK, Lahti, and Häme Universities of Applied Sciences. 

A network of Finnish universities of applied sciences has been collaborating with the Ministry of Healthcare and Social Development of Kazakhstan and Kazakhstani educational institutions since 2012. The Ministry has chosen JAMK University of Applied Sciences and Lahti University of Applied Sciences as its strategic partners to the development of nursing education in 2016–2019. JAMK is also the coordinator of ProInCa – an Erasmus+ capacity building project aiming to build a center of nursing excellence in higher education in cooperation with Lahti UAS and two other European universities.

For more information, please contact:
Johanna Heikkilä, Senior Advisor, +358 (0)40 848 8623, firstname.lastname@jamk.fi, JAMK University of Applied Sciences, School of Health and Social Studies