26 Jun 2017

Finland received nearly million euros for the development of a bioeconomy innovation system

The Interreg Baltic Sea Region is a cooperation programme between eleven countries. The region has abundant natural resources, but also challenges in reaching its full bioeconomy potential. Furthermore, the exchange of knowlege in the area has been sparse.

International cooperation is needed for strengthening the competitiveness of bioeconomy, which can be improved by means of networking and knowledge exchange. Cooperation will support the development and renewal of existing business and the formation of new regional development paths.

The objective of the Rural RDI milieus in transition towards smart Bioeconomy Clusters and innovation ecosystems (RDI2CluB) project is to develop the bioeconomy of rural areas by strengthening the abilities of the authorities, research institutes and development companies to apply smart specialisation in the development of bioeconomy. Future users, such as SMEs in the bioeconomy sector, organisations and citizens, will also be invited to participate in the development work.

Bioeconomy profiles will be prepared for the partner countries that can be utilised in finding potential interfaces between countries for the promotion of new innovations. The profiles will also help in obtaining a comprehensive understanding of the opportunities offered by bioeconomy. During the project, an innovation ecosystem will be created to serve as a shared innovation management operating model.

Open to all, the ecosystem will support the operation of the innovation system and the companies’ participation in it. Pilot projects are used as a means for developing the innovation system and its ability to respond to the needs of smart specialisation of the bioeconomy sector in bioeconomy areas that are highly different from one another.

The project involves 12 partners from Finland, Norway, Poland, Latvia and Estonia. Finland’s representatives in the project include JAMK University of Applied Sciences as the project coordinator, the Regional Council of Central Finland and SSYP Kehitys Oy. The Tarvaala Bioeconomy Campus plays a central role in the project. The total budget of the project is around EUR 2.6 million, of which Finland’s portion is slightly less than one million euros. The project is funded by the Interreg Baltic Sea Region programme.

For more information, please contact:
Anneli Ylimartimo, Specialist, +358 40 574 9376, JAMK University of Applied Sciences, Institute of Bioeconomy
Hannu Koponen, Development Manager, +358 40 595 0009, Regional Council of Central Finland
Petri Mustamäki, Managing Director, +358 44 4598 724, SSYP Kehitys Oy