16 Mar 2017

Chinese rectors learning about entrepreneurship and innovative learning in Jyväskylä

Nineteen Chinese vocational training rectors from different parts of Guangdong province are currently visiting JAMK University of Applied Sciences. The group is on a three-week education programme focusing on the themes of entrepreneurship and innovative learning. The programme has been approved by the Chinese State Administration of Foreign Expert Affairs (SAFEA) as a national-level education programme in China.

The opening ceremony for the programme was also attended by Consul Mr. Gao from the Embassy of the People's Republic of China to the Republic of Finland, and his spouse.

“Choosing Finland and JAMK as the location for the education programme was the result of long-term co-operation,” says Vice Rector Heikki Malinen from JAMK.

“Our discussions with the embassy representative, Consul Gao, emphasised a mutual goal of long-term and comprehensive co-operation. The resources of one university should be focused on working with a few partners,” Malinen continues.

The ‘Fostering Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competences in VET Schools’ training programme, created by the Teacher Education College and the School of Business of JAMK, is based on reinforcing innovative learning, especially on-the-job learning, and promoting young people’s entrepreneurial skills, as well as developing leadership.

“We have been building a foundation for mutual learning and the development of educational institutions. We have based the development of pedagogical leadership on views on learning, teaching and evaluation, and carried out the first benchmarking visits to support them. The focus is now being shifted from the aforementioned to developing our own leadership and management work in line with the educational themes,” comments Principal Lecturer Leena Kaikkonen from the Teacher Education College.

“The rectors visiting Finland are aiming to learn how we implement entrepreneurship and innovation in vocational and university-level education. They wish to develop their own know-how in order to move things forward at their respective educational institutions,” Kaikkonen continues.

JAMK has a long history of collaborating with China on education exportation. In 2015, JAMK and Tampere Adult Education Centre opened a Chinese/Finnish learning innovation centre in Guangzhou, China, together with Guangdong Polytechnic Normal University (GPNU). The new learning innovation centre promotes co-operation between Finland and China, the service offering of vocational higher and upper secondary education, as well as the development of learning innovations. The VET Schools education programme is part of this larger whole.

The connection to Guangdong was created in collaboration with the City of Tampere, which is a twin town of Guangzhou. Tampere Adult Education Centre carries out a three-day education period as part of JAMK’s education programme. The Teacher Education College, the School of Business and the Team Academy units of JAMK are involved in the project. In addition to JAMK, the benchmarking visits of the education programme are made to the Jyväskylä Educational Consortium and Tampere Adult Education Centre. Furthermore, the themes of educational institution leadership are given more depth with surprise visits and by getting acquainted with the operations of the Finnish Education Evaluation Centre, the regional administrators of both provinces and the Finland Chamber of Commerce. The final week of the programme features a visit to the Finnish National Agency for Education.

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