5 Jun 2017

Astana Expo 2017: Cooperation in the field of education

International specialized Expo 2017 will be held in Astana, the capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan from 10 June to 10 September.

The KFEIG Consortium of four Finnish educational institutions participates in Astana Expo 2017 and will have a presence in the Finnish Pavilion. The goal of the KFEIG Consortium in Astana Expo is to strengthen its position in the Kazakhstan market in terms of healthcare and education, as well as to locate cooperation partners in the field of green technologies.

The Kazakhstani-Finnish Education and Innovation Group or KFEIG – is the Consortium of four Finnish educational institutions -  Lahti University of Applied Sciences, JAMK University of Applied Sciences, Häme University of Applied Sciences and Tampere Adult Education Centre. The KFEIG Consortium focus on training professionals in response to the labor market needs and on conducting research and development.

The KFEIG Consortium has been actively working in Kazakhstan since 2012. More than 200 professional teachers, deans and directors from high schools and colleges have participated in the programs and seminars organized by the Consortium. The healthcare sector development has included around 30 Master-classes with nearly 600 participating teachers, directors and experts. The cooperation partners include several ministries, educational organizations at all levels, and the Center for International Programs (CIP). In addition, Consortium has had a key role in developing "Roadmap to modernize nursing education system in the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2016-2020" in cooperation with the Ministry of Healthcare and Social Development.

 Education and innovation group