19 Jan 2017

An increasing number of people choose studying in English: “Challenging, yet very educational and rewarding.”

The International Logistics degree programme prepares engineers for international logistics work. After completing his upper secondary education and military service, Sampsa Paakkinen (26) from Kuopio obtained a vocational upper secondary qualification in warehouse management in logistics in Jyväskylä and, after a few years of working, decided to continue his studies. Studying in English felt like a natural choice from the start.

“I’ve been interested in internationalisation and possibly working abroad for some time now. And even in Finland, many logistics work assignments require good English skills. I haven’t regretted my choice for a second. I strongly believe that having studied in English will be useful when looking for work.”

All the study assignments, lessons and materials are in English. This is no cause for concern, as your language skills will develop almost on their own.

“My fellow students come from all over the world. Our group has students from Russia and Vietnam, but also from Kenya, Tanzania, Nepal, Iran, China, Hungary and Kazakhstan. Almost all courses also have several exchange students from different countries. Our studies involve a lot of group assignments and projects. Working with people from different cultures is sometimes challenging, yet very educational and rewarding,” Paakkinen says.

“Next autumn, my plan is to take part in an exchange programme somewhere in Latin America or in Spain. I’m also interested in practical training outside Finland. For all those who are thinking about applying for an English-language degree programme, I would say: definitely apply, even if you’re not sure about your language skills. If you can handle the English-language entrance exam, you’re sure to have no problems in your studies.”

“The teaching language is English, but there is no reason to be nervous about applying for an international group just because of the language; you can get by with basic language skills,” says Logistics Senior Lecturer Tommi Franssila encouragingly.

In the first stage of the spring joint application period, you can also apply for the Nursing and International Business degree programmes. The scope of the degrees ranges from 210 to 240 ECTS credits, and the studies take around 3.5–4 years on average. Apply online at www.opintopolku.fi or www.studyinfo.fi.

For more information, please contact:
Applicant Services, +358(0)40 556 0409, hakijapalvelut(a)jamk.fi, JAMK University of Applied Sciences