11 May 2016

US group to join JAMK’s Summer School

Once again, the Summer School of JAMK University of Applied Sciences will bring together Finnish and international students and teachers. There will be six different modules as well as workshops, visits and leisure activities. JAMK is expecting over 100 participants from partner universities over the course of the summer.

The Summer School will start on 10 May with an Industrial Business module organised by the School of Technology and Middle Tennessee State University. The primary teacher will be Professor Laura Buckner, who has 12 years of experience teaching management and marketing at Middle Tennessee State University. She will bring a group of nine students from the United States. The participants from JAMK will include 14 international students.  

Summer School seems to have come to JAMK to stay:

“This is our fifth time organising it. At the end of last year, JAMK and MTSU also signed a partnership agreement in which they agreed on the mobility of staff and students. The agreement enables JAMK students to take exchange semesters at MTSU and vice versa,” says Senior Lecturer Anneli Kakko, who is coordinating the module for the School of Technology.

The group will visit companies like Valmet, Valtra and Moventas. The US group will also make weekend trips to Stockholm and Tallinn. Reporters are welcome to visit in week 20.

JAMK Summer School will continue with other modules in June. More information on their contents will be provided at a later date.