8 Jan 2016

The application to JAMK’s English-language programmes starts on 8 January

Jyväskylä has been producing logistics engineers for over 50 years, but logistics education in English has also gained a strong foothold; it has been offered in Jyväskylä for 20 years now. JAMK University of Applied Sciences is the only place in Europe where you can complete a bachelor’s degree in logistics completely in English.

In 1993, JAMK’s Director of Administration Mikko R. Salminen, then Head of Department for Logistics, was tasked with making the logistics education of Jyväskylä Polytechnic (JAMK’s predecessor) more international:

“At the time, there was an international logistics seminar in Paris, which a few educational institutes offering logistics education used as a foundation for forming the European Forum of Logistics Education (EFLE) network to support the increase of international logistics education in Europe. The first six-month Euro-logistics education programme in English was organised the following year and offered to post-graduate engineers. The education was ground-breaking and helped build good relationships with European partners. The networks are still operational even though the training itself was discontinued in 1998–1999.”

The first Integrated Logistics training programme in English started in autumn 1995, and the first Logistics Engineering training programme under the name of JAMK started a year later. From the start, there were plenty of international students, for example from Germany, Poland and Russia.

“The training programme was built practically from nothing: the terminology in the field had to be compiled from professional journals because there was no material available on the subject. A lot of the contents were put together in-house from German publications. The most important thing in building the foundations of the training programme was ensuring that the degree met the European requirements for a degree in engineering,” says Mikko R. Salminen. 

Today, JAMK’s International Logistics degree programme attracts applicants from Russia, Vietnam and China, among others. The EUR-ACE Bachelor quality label has influenced the global awareness of the programme. The accreditation is important to JAMK because it shows that the degree programme in Logistics Engineering has the same quality criteria as similar degree programmes in Europe’s leading educational institutes.

What is special about the programme is that its employment ratio has been high from the very start.  It has also attracted a significant share of female applicants, unlike many other engineering programmes. Senior Lecturer Tommi Franssila, who has headed the programme for almost 10 years, feels that they are attracted by the combination of technology and economics. The programme covers much more than road transport, such as financial administration and management. It is also possible to include international exchange terms in the degree.

“Upper secondary school English skills are enough; the degree programme is also suitable for Finnish students. The atmosphere is international, as befits the nature of logistics,” says Tommi Franssila.

Application to the English-language programmes starts on 8 January 2016. You can also apply to study international business or nursing.  Apply online at www.opintopolku.fi or www.admissions.fi.

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