29 Jan 2016

JAMK has the most popular teacher education college in terms of applications: “The working life trend is on the rise”

The application period for vocational teacher education colleges ended on 27 January. The largest number of applications was once again received by JAMK’s Teacher Education College. The changes occurring in working life are driving adults to seek further training.

According to preliminary information, Finland’s five vocational teacher education colleges received a total of 6,683 applications this year. Of these, 1,359 applications were for JAMK’s vocational teacher education, 159 for vocational special needs teacher education and 246 for study counsellor education. JAMK offers study places for a total of 460 students.

Vocational teacher education provides professionals in various fields with the qualification to act as a teacher in their field and also gives them skills that are necessary for working life.

“The training may strengthen your position in the labour market because you can’t get a permanent teacher position in Finland without pedagogical studies, for example. A rising trend is people applying to vocational teacher education directly from working life. They aren’t necessarily even aiming for a career as a teacher, but are going to use the skills in working life development positions,” says Harri Keurulainen, Head of Department of JAMK’s Teacher Education College.

A good example of a student with a background in working life is Vilma Mutka from Jyväskylä, an entrepreneur who began her teacher studies in autumn 2015. Although Mutka has acted as a leadership and learning coach for years now, the teacher studies came in handy.

“As a coach, instructor and facilitator, I need pedagogical skills. I wanted to further deepen my skills and, of course, also get the official qualification. In our multidisciplinary group of 30 adult students, there is plenty to talk about and know-how is exchanged all the time,” Mutka says laughing.

“I don’t see myself working as a teacher full-time, but as an entrepreneur I co-operate with many kinds of work communities and networks, also educational institutes. I believe that learning environments and work environments are getting closer to each other by the day. As a bridge-builder of sorts, I emphasise the importance of learning at workplaces and the significance of working life contacts at educational institutes.”

JAMK’s Teacher Education College is a community of pedagogical specialists, turning adult students into teaching professionals in various parts of Finland. An important part of the operations are continuing education and services for organisations as well as education research and development.

For more information, please contact:

Harri Keurulainen, Head of Department, Teacher Education College, +358 40 532 3147, harri.keurulainen(at)jamk.fi, JAMK university of Applied Sciences