17 May 2016

eSport Coaching will offer coaching skills for competitive players

The new eSport Coaching course will offer coaching skills for competitive players. An eSport (electronic sport) coach trains active players who compete online as a team against other teams.

Electronic sports are a growing business. The game market requires more professional competence, and game teams must develop. This need will be met by JAMK’s upcoming eSport Coaching course.

An eSport (electronic sport) coach trains active players who compete online as a team against other teams.

“A football team without a coach will not develop or succeed. We are talking about the same thing here,” says Niko Kiviaho, Senior Lecturer from the Degree Programme in Business Information Technology.

 eSport coaching involves things similar to conventional sports coaching. The people involved in planning and carrying out the course include a diverse group of specialists in nutrition, physiology, psychology and game coaching.

 “Our training also includes the analysis of game statistics and performance,” Kiviaho says.

 In order to take part in the coaching course, the participant must have a game team. The exercises carried out during the course are conducted with the participant’s own team, which also improves the team in the process.

The studies are conducted in English and can be taken online from any corner of the world.

 Up until now, the only provider of eSport coach training in Finland has been the Sport Institute of Finland in Vierumäki. JAMK’s course, which is five ECTS credits in scope, can be taken by JAMK students and, through the Open University of Applied Sciences, any other people who belong to a game team. The application period for the training will begin in November, and the training will kick off in spring 2017.

One of the specialisation options in JAMK’s degree programme in Business Information Technology is the game industry. The application period for this degree programme will end on Wednesday, 6 April at 3:00 pm. Read more.

JAMK will also organise a three-day game course for schoolchildren in June.

JAMK is involved in Jyväskylä Game Lab, an ESF-funded game industry training project. Read more.

More information is available from Niko Kiviaho, Senior Lecturer, firstname.lastname@jamk.fi