18 May 2015

Popularity of JAMK Summer School is increasing

160 students round the world will be attending the Summer School of JAMK University of Applied Sciences in the summer of 2015. The number of international students, both Bachelor and Master level, has increased considerably from over a hundred participants in 2014.

The first group of students has already begun their studies on Industrial Business, the rest will arrive at the beginning of June. The participants coming from JAMK’s partner institutions both in the EU and outside study together with JAMK’s degree and exchange students. The biggest numbers come from the Americas (USA, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico), an increasing interest from Asia brings students from China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Nepal.

Creativity and Communication in Business offers studies on the various aspects of business: ethics, branding, global business cultures, communication and teamwork, creativity and innovation.  As in previous years, the courses on Latino, Russian and Nordic business culture together with sport and tourism business have raised interest among students.

Health Promotion Management brings together not only the summer school students but also double degree students from JAMK and its Austrian partner Carinthia University of Applied Sciences.

Creativity and Learning: “Joy” explores the theme “Joy” in teacher education through creative, participatory and action-based learning methods in workshops, study visits, individual and group exercises. All ten workshop instructors are international, from the USA, Great Britain, The Netherlands, France and Austria.

This summer there is a new course offer on environmental engineering and renewable energy production processes, organised in cooperation with a Chinese partner university on JAMK Bioeconomy campus at Saarijärvi.

The summer school courses include visits to and assignments by companies in Central Finland. 
In addition to Jyväskylä, the students also have a possibility to visit Tallinn, Stockholm and St Petersburg during the weekends.

  • Creativity and Communication in Business, 29 May -17 June
  • Creativity and Learning: "Joy", 8 -12 June
  • Creative and Physical Activities in Mental Health Promotion, 1 -5 June
  • Health Promotion Management, 1 -5 June
  • Industrial Business, 11 -27 May
  • International Environmental Engineering and Renewable Energy Production, 1 -12 June

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Junttila Minna

Asiantuntija, Specialist
Kansainvälistymispalvelut, International Services
Hallinto, Administration
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