6 Feb 2015

JAMK’s Teacher Education College once again the applicants’ favourite

In the January application period, JAMK University of Applied Sciences’ Teacher Education College was once again the applicants’ favourite. The number of applicants hitting record numbers already last year was well exceeded. The uncertain financial situation probably increases the appeal of adult studies.

One of the five vocational teacher education institutes of Finland operates at JAMK; their joint application period ended on Tuesday 27 January 2015. JAMK snatched the top position with a total of 1,923 applicants seeking a study place to become teachers in vocational education, special needs teachers or study counsellors. Study places will be offered to 460 applicants.

Vocational teacher education in particular saw considerable growth with the number of applicants increasing by over one-fifth from the record numbers of the previous year. Many applicants are already working as teachers without a pedagogical qualification but the education is also an opportunity to advance in a whole new direction in one’s career.

– The total number of applicants increased to record numbers in all of Finland, which is probably a reflection of the current financial situation. In uncertain times, people want to educate themselves and improve their position in the working life, says Head of Department Harri Keurulainen of the Teacher Education College.

– Our success is surely due to our successful implementation – word does get around among adults. We also organise education in more fields than the other institutes. There were also well over 200 primary applicants to our new online study group, which shows the need for such an option.

According to the current information, there were a total of 1,529 applicants to JAMK’s Vocational Teacher Education programme. In terms of teachers’ post-degree programmes, there were 172 applicants to Vocational Special Needs Teacher Education and 222 applicants to Study Counsellor Education. Only in terms of the Study Counsellor Education was JAMK left in second place in term of applicant numbers. The applicant numbers are based on figures provided by the studyinfo.fi service that will be specified during spring.

All applicants must submit their printed application with the paper-format appendices by 3 February 2015 at 3:00 pm to the primary application target. The selection group of JAMK’s Vocational Teacher Education will soon face some serious paper work when they have to review and award points to all the paper applications with their appendices. The final student selection will be ready in April.

For more information, please contact:
Harri Keurulainen, Head of Department, Teacher Education College, +358 40 532 3147, firstname.lastname@jamk.fi and Katariina Jouhiaho, Study Counsellor, +358 40 752 5358, firstname.lastname@jamk.fi, JAMK University of Applied Sciences, Teacher Education College