9 Jan 2015

JAMK’s first cyber experts graduated – Application period for English programmes started on 7 January

The students of Finland’s first cyber security Master’s degree programme launched in January 2013 have now graduated. Between 7 and 27 January, 20 new study places are open for applications. Applications for this and other English programmes should be submitted in the studyinfo.fi service.

Jari Hautamäki, IT Head of Department, says the first implementation is always a test, based on which education is developed on an annual basis.

“Technology develops fast. Since we want to offer our students the latest or upcoming technologies, we upgrade our devices and software every year.”

37-year-old Mikko Vatanen from Vantaa was employed immediately after graduating as an information technology engineer in administration of the interior. At the start of 2011, he transferred to the post of Information Security Specialist at the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority, where he still works in the new National Cyber Security Centre Finland.

“The timing and content of the training were a perfect match for me, so I decided to apply to study among the very first people. For several years, I kept looking for the right postgraduate degree, but JAMK’s portfolio was the first to offer me the opportunity to develop in my own field. Training did not excessively focus on just administrative security or technological solutions, which you can’t personally influence much. It was only a positive thing that the degree programme was in English.”

“We got to learn technologies that you don’t get the chance to see every day. An extensive laboratory environment offered the opportunity to witness implementations that only few people see,” says Vatanen.

Teemu Simovaara, a 39-year-old living in Hyvinkää, has worked at Sonera for 14 years now. Simovaara decided to pursue postgraduate studies after noticing in his work how, with the development of telephone networks and changes in the surrounding world, various security threats targeting telephone networks had increased.

“I felt that it was important for me to develop my cyber security competence. My employer expressed strong support for my studies. The studies taught me many interesting things and gave new contacts around Finland. Studies are a great way to network with experts in the field.”

Heads of Department and graduating students alike agree that the employer’s support for studies is vital. For example, the Master’s thesis is 800 hours in scope, translating into six months’ full-time work. To complete it while working is quite an achievement.  The studies end with a final war in a laboratory cut off from external networks.

In 2015, the joint national university-polytechnic application procedure features a single application form at studyinfo.fi, with studies in English selected between 7 and 27 January 2015 and studies in Finnish between 17 March and 9 April 2015. The application periods end at 3 pm. The same application form is used to apply for training organised as day and multiform programmes.

“You should bear in mind that the joint national university-polytechnic application procedure this spring has two application periods but only one application form. With the form, you can apply for a maximum of six application targets,” says Admission Advisor Raisa Sarén.

“This means that you can apply for some targets in January and supplement your application with new targets in the second application period in March–April. During the second application period, however, you can no longer remove individual English degree programmes from the form or change the order of these programmes,” Sarén says.

In January, JAMK offers the International Business, Logistics Engineering and Nursing degree programmes, while the Master’s degree programmes are International Business Management and Information Technology, Cyber Security.

“The language of instruction is English, but there is no reason to be nervous of applying for an international group just because of the language; you will do well with basic language skills,” says Sarén.

More information:
Jari Hautamäki, Head of Department, firstname.lastname@jamk.fi, JAMK University of Applied Sciences, IT Institute
Mikko Vatanen, +358 40 727 5216, firstname.lastname@gmail.com
Teemu Simovaara, +358 40 759 0002
Raisa Sarén, Admission Services, hakijapalvelut@jamk.fi