8 Oct 2015

JAMK University of Applied Sciences to promote a green economy in Kazakhstan

JAMK University of Applied Sciences and the Green Academy today signed a partnership agreement during Foreign Trade Minister Lenita Toivakka’s visit to Astana, Kazakhstan. The agreement covers joint education and research efforts in the use of bioenergy as well as training and research in waste management systems and water-saving technology. JAMK will co-operate in Kazakhstan with other Finnish providers of vocational education. The partnership agreement was signed by Director Bakhyt Yessekina from the Green Academy and Vice Rector Heikki Malinen from JAMK.

The Green Academy was established to promote the objectives of Kazakhstan’s Green Economy programme by means of education and research. Kazakhstan’s Green Economy programme is part of the national strategy (Strategy Kazakhstan 2050). The programme follows the principles of sustainable development, and the country aims to use it to become one of the world’s most developed countries. The programme has been estimated to have positive effects in the form of GDP growth, new jobs, new services and industry as well as a general increase in the standard of living.

In practice, the co-operation initially means things like participation in the training of specialists, familiarisation with Finnish technology solutions and conducting joint research projects. The purpose is to highlight not only education and research but also other Finnish know-how, cleantech solutions and equipment technology.