7 Jan 2015

7–27 January Applying for Vocational Teacher Education

JAMK University of Applied Sciences invites applications for the Teacher Education College between 7−27 January in the new studyinfo.fi service. The application is targeted at adult professionals of various fields.

Vocational Teacher Education can be completed in English in an international group. The teacher pedagogical studies make you qualified to teach your field in various educational institutions. Instructor skills are also very beneficial in other working-life development tasks. Teachers mainly find employment in vocational educational institutions and universities of applied sciences.

As a rule, applicants must have a suitable higher-education degree and three years’ work experience. Depending on the student’s individual pace, the studies take 1−2 years to complete. Most students study while working, but you can also study full-time.

Having completed the teacher studies, you can continue to study at JAMK to become a vocational special needs teacher or a study counsellor. Vocational special needs teacher training makes you qualified for vocational educational institutions and study counsellor training for all school levels.

You can submit your application 7−27 January 2015 at www.studyinfo.fi.

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More information:
Katariina Jouhiaho, Study Counsellor, 040 752 5358, firstname.lastname@jamk.fi and  Harri Keurulainen, Head of Department, Teacher Education College, 040 5323 147, firstname.lastname@jamk.fi,  JAMK University of Applied Sciences, Teacher Education College