12 Feb 2014

XIV Finnish Family Research Congress, April 3-4, 2014 Families and the Competitive Society

Is there a place for family life and care in today’s society with its strong emphasis on individuality and economic success? How is hectic working life reflected in the wellbeing of families? Who has the time to take care of the children? The Congress approaches these questions from the basis of current family research.

Jyväskylä, JAMK University of Applied Sciences, Dynamo

Professor Lyndall Strazdins, from the Australian National University will be the foreign keynote speaker. Professor Strazdinsis an internationally well-known expert in the field of work, family and child wellbeing, with special interest in the role played by the quality of parents’ jobs and the pressures and challenges on families to combine work with caring. The other keynote speakers will be Professor Heikki Hiilamo, University of Helsinki, Professor Katja Repo, University of Tampere and Research Professor Eija Sevón, University of Jyväskylä.

The purpose of the Congress is to gather together researchers, students, and professionals interested in family-related themes to share their research knowledge, experiences in the field, and opinions. While Finnish will be the main language of the proceedings, some of the keynote addresses and some workshops will be in English.

The Congress programme will comprise keynote addresses, thematic sessions and a poster session. Participants are invited to present oral papers and posters in these sessions. Submission of abstracts until February 28 and registration until March 14.

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