11 Apr 2014

Doctoral training in study counselling to begin in Europe

The increasing need for study counselling is a hot topic throughout Europe. In response to societal challenges, European institutions of higher education are starting doctoral training in study counselling.

The only Finnish member of the network is JAMK University of Applied Sciences’ Teacher Education College, from which both a lecturer and students are attending the training pilot group.

International doctoral training, which has until now been missing from the field of study counselling, will begin as a common European effort in autumn 2014. The goal is to increase expert-level competence in counselling. Lecturing at the new doctoral school will be Jukka Lerkkanen, Head of Department at JAMK’s Teacher Education College.

“The development of counselling is a topical issue in European labour and education policies. Professionals are needed to guide young people and adults facing changes on the right track. The aim is to facilitate students’ transfer to the working life, prevent social exclusion and support adults changing careers,” Lerkkanen says.

The doctoral training programme is backed up by the ECADOC co-operation project of educational institutions from 15 different countries. The training will be largely based on the European analysis work done in the NICE counselling project (Network for Innovation in Higher Education in Europe). Active Finnish participants in the NICE project have been JAMK’s Teacher Education College and the University of Jyväskylä.

The pilot group of 25 doctoral students in the training includes two Finnish students, both from Jyväskylä. The pilot group will meet for the first time in Italy, at the University of Padova, in September.

“It is important to be involved in pioneering work in developing study counselling, ensuring that the needs of Finnish society will be taken into account. We also have competence that we can contribute to the development work. I have previously been involved in determining qualification levels in the field of counselling, and this new training programme will produce top specialists needed in the field,” Lerkkanen says.

For more information, please contact:
Jukka Lerkkanen, Head of Department, +358 400 249 643, firstname.lastname@jamk.fi, JAMK University of Applied Sciences, Teacher Education College