Student in Open Studies

Study abilities and planning

What skills do I need to have in advance to study in the Open Studies? How much time does it take to study? How to prepare for studies?

Required study abilities

Prior knowledge

Check the required prior knowledge and skills from the description of each course or module. There are no specific requirements for prior education in Open Studies as such, but please consider the following:

  •  The courses may have requirements for prior knowledge and skills, obtained by way of education or otherwise.
  •  Master’s degree studies should be based on a bachelor’s degree or similar competence.
  •  You will need to possess the necessary abilities for studies at a university of applied sciences.

Train your study skills

Planning your studies


Define your objectives
Before starting your studies, reflect on your goals: where do you aim at, what do you want to learn, why do you study? Write down your thoughts. The clarification of your objectives will help you in choosing the right subjects and modes of study.


Studying always requires commitment, motivation and time. Consider how you to make sure that you have enough time for the studies. The rule of thumb: 1 ECTS credit (cr) equals approximately 27 hours of student work. To manage your schedule well is essential when planning your studies.


Study in various modes
Jamk’s Open Studies are implemented both through contact lessons and online learning. Studying can include independent work, lectures and/or group work. The aim is to provide a theoretical basis, in addition to developing strong practical competence. The courses can include writing, reading, discussion, but also hands-on doing.