Student in Open Studies

Starting your Open studies

How do I get instructions for studies? Where can I get the username for Jamk systems? Where does the study take place?

The course letter will be e-mailed

Before starting the studies, you will be e-mailed a course letter, which contains the confirmation of course commencement, information on practical course arrangements and contact information. Please note! Study letters are often directed to spam, so please check your spam email as well and mark the message as not spam.

Things to do before the studies

Right to Study

The duration of studies is determined in the course information. The studies must be completed in the schedule specified at the beginning of the studies. The user name is until the end of the semester.

It is important to participate in both face-to-face and online teaching right from the start of your studies. If you have an insurmountable obstacle, contact your teacher in advance.

If your studies are not completed, you will need to register for another implementation and pay the study fee again. Your right to study can also be denied if you have unpaid study fees for Jamk Open Studies.

Forms and certificates

Organization and presentation of information were at a high level. I didn't have any problems and everything was pretty clear. -Student feedback