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Frequently asked questions, Open Studies

User ID and Login

I haven’t received a user ID yet. Where can I get one?

Have you already received a study letter in your email? You will receive a letter to the email address you provided in the registration form before starting your studies. It includes instructions for applying for an ID. Remember to also check the junk folder in your email, as sometimes messages end up there. After receiving the letter, You can check your user ID and change its password from the Self service password reset. You will need your online banking codes or a Mobile ID to log in to the service. Please also see the guide for new network users and, in particular, the instructions on how to apply for a user ID.

I don’t have online banking codes for applying for a user ID.

If you do not have online banking codes, or, for some other reason, it is not possible for you to use the Self service password reset, you can obtain a user ID and password by personally contacting avoinamk (at) You can also use the Open Studies contact form.

I forgot my user ID / password. How can I get them?

You can check your user ID and change its password using Self service password reset (the service can be used several times). You will need your online banking codes or a Mobile ID to log in to the service. If you do not have them, please contact: avoinamk (at) You can also use the Open Studies contact form. Please also see the guide username/password is not correct.

I cannot log in to Moodle/email. What should I do?

Did you try to log in with Jamk’s user ID? Sometimes prior IDs are stored in the computer cache, and therefore it makes sense to try another browser, or to clear the browser cache and try again thereafter. Outlook also sometimes stores previous IDs. Try to first log out of your previous Outlook account (and clear the cache) before logging in with a Jamk user ID.

If you tried to log in several times in a row, the system will notice the failed attempts and lock the user account for a specific amount of time. A block that has been put in place after several failed logins in a short amount of time will be lifted automatically after a while. If you know what the problem is, fix it, and wait for a few hours.

It is also possible that your user ID has been locked because your study entitlement has expired. If you are uncertain about this or the situation does not correct itself automatically, please contact us.

My user ID has been locked. How can I unlock my user ID?

Your user ID will be locked, for example, if your study entitlement has expired. Otherwise, you can retrieve the user ID and password again from Self service password reset (the service can be used several times). If you think that your right to study has expired too soon, please contact: avoinamk (at) You can also use the Open Studies contact form.

Learning Environment

Why is my course not visible in Moodle?

If the course is not visible or has disappeared from the learning environment, please submit a service request.

Studying at a Higher Education Institution

I have never studied online before. Will I be able to manage it?

Online learning is a form of studying in which learning takes place in various online learning environments through an Internet connection. In other words, online learning requires a computer and a network connection. You can manage pretty well with basic skills (such as word processing, Internet, email). Instructions and self-study material in Moodle will also help you get started. Online learning requires the same skills as higher education studies in general. Independent work and a systematic approach to time management are emphasised.

Can I take part in online studies alongside work?

Online learning is possible alongside work. Online studies are as diverse as classroom learning. In other words, they may include lectures, group assignments and independent work. It is important to reserve time in your schedule for studying, as well as for other things in life.

Is attendance mandatory during classroom learning sessions?

Students must attend at least the first classroom learning session of the course. If, for a valid reason, a student is prevented from attending, they should personally contact the teacher of the course before the first session of classroom learning. Mandatory attendance depends on the educational programme in question. Always ask the teacher in charge of the educational programme.

I did not complete my studies. Can I continue with them? Can I get additional time for my studies?

The duration of Open Studies is specified in the course information. Studies must be completed in the time frame specified at the beginning of the studies. If you did not complete your studies, please re-register for the second implementation. In this case, you will have to repay the study fee. If you are in studies of at least one year's duration, the right to study may be transferred for justified reasons with the permission of the head of education.

I want to interrupt or end my studies. What should I do?

Cancellations or interruptions of studies should always be submitted in writing using an electronic form. In cases of illness, please submit a medical certificate in addition to the cancellation form by e-mail via  security email: 1) as the recipient, please enter: avoinamk (at), 2) as the subject: Medical certificate, and 3) in the message field: your name and the studies for which you have enrolled.

Can I use my own email address in my studies?

Jamk’s official messages will only be delivered to the student’s school email, and the assumption is that the student will monitor it regularly. Jamk’s email system includes a virus scanner that checks all messages received from outside the system for viruses and warns the user if necessary. At your own risk, you can turn on automatic forwarding in Outlook to another email address. However, please notice that any protection will be interrupted with the transfer.

What tools, applications and software are used in the studies?

The studies use the Moodle online learning environment, the Zoom online conferencing system and the Office365 tools. Jamk offers students Office applications for their own home computers and other devices free of charge through the Office365 service. The free Office package is called Office365 ProPlus. Familiarise yourself with the Instructions for Office apps for students and staff.

In addition, the Digital learning skills help site offers support to students. It is advisable to familiarise yourself with the online learning environments and the management of your own files, the basic OneDrive user instructions.

In addition to basic tools, profession-specific applications may be used during the studies. You can find out more about these at the beginning of your studies.

Accreditation of Studies

Are Jamk’s courses equivalent to studies at other higher education institutions?

In principle, studies at the level of higher education can be accredited at other higher education institutions, but the decision is always made at the higher education institution receiving the request. You should familiarise yourself with or contact the institution receiving your request and ask for more detailed instructions.

Will the course I have completed elsewhere be accredited as part of my studies at Jamk?

A student who is completing a study module in Open Studies may apply for recognition of competence by university-level studies or other acquired learning. Familiarise yourself with the instructions.

Is completing the Swedish for Working Life course the same as demonstrating Swedish language proficiency ‘for civil service’?

The language proficiency required of general government personnel (so-called ‘Swedish for civil servants’) is considered attained when the student has successfully completed the required Swedish for Working Life course and received a degree certificate from the educational institution. For more information, please contact the Language Centre: kielikeskus (at)

Study Attainments, Certificates and Personal Data

How can I see a record of the studies I have completed?

You can see your study attainments in the Peppi Student Information System (login required). Familiarise yourself also with the Study Attainments guide. After your studies, you can view your completed studies at the My Studyinfo service.

How can I obtain a certificate / a transcript of records?

While your study entitlement is valid, you can obtain an electronically signed transcript of records via the Atomi service. The Atomi service can be found on the front page of your desktop in Peppi (login required). Familiarise yourself with the instructions for using the Atomi service. After the studies, those who have completed study attainments in the Open Studies are sent a transcript of records to personal emails every semester (autumn, spring, summer). Students in a study module will automatically receive a certificate of studies at their home address upon completion of their studies.

Where can I get a certificate for TE Services?

Please send your request via email: avoinamk (at) In the message field, include your name and what studies you are taking.

How can I update my personal information (email, address, surname)?

You can update your address and email address yourself in the Peppi system. If your surname has changed, you need to send a photo of your identity card with the new surname to avoinamk (at) using Jamk’s secure mail. Please also include your original name in the message.


Can I enrol even if I am unable to pay the study fee immediately?

When enrolling for attendance, you must pay an online fee unless you are an unemployed jobseeker or an asylum seeker. If you enrol for a larger entity, you must pay an advance fee of 150 € in connection with the enrolment. The rest can be invoiced.