Student in Open Studies

Benefits and Services

Can I study while unemployed? Can I get government financial support for Open Studies courses? What benefits do I get? Can I participate in Academic Sports?

Teaching and guidance

When you study in Open Studies, you will receive university-level teaching and guidance in accordance with the requirements of Jamk's degree programmes. The studies have the same goals, level of requirements and teachers as the degree programmes. You will receive guidance for your studies and their selection.

Study path students can also take CampusOnline studies from other Finnish universities of applied scieces free of charge. See the cross-institutional studies' instructions in the student intra.

I found open studies very useful. -Student feedback

Financial Support

There are different possibilities to fund the studies, both for unemployed and employed students. Read more about the options in the links below. But, students are not granted government financial support for Open Studies courses, if they are not entitled to it based on other studies. They do not receive student discounts, either.

Information Systems and Services

Before you start your studies, you will be sent a course letter including your username for the computers and systems of Jamk, as well as your email address. You will have the right to use Jamk’s information and communication systems, such as email, student register (Peppi), and online learning environment (Moodle). Jamk offers a free Windows 10 Education license to the students. You can install Office products on your computer free of charge during your studies. You can use printers at Jamk, too.

Library and Information Services

During your participation in Open Studies courses, you will also be able to use Jamk’s library and its information seeking services. There is also an exam studio on the main campus library, which you can use with a valid library card during the self-service time. You can get a library card from the library's customer service. Your status is "Jamk student", with which you get all the above rights.

Well-being, meals and living


All the Open Studies students are entitled to use the services organised by Academic Sports with a charge. Study path students (Bachelor's level) have also possibility to use JAMKO student union gym. The benefit is available with an electronically certified study certificate, which you can download to your phone from Atomi in Peppi system. Be prepared to prove your identity, too.



Study path students (Bachelor's level) have possibility to a discount on meals (price 6,20 €) in Juvenes Jamk Student Restaurants. The discount is available with an electronically certified study certificate, which you can download to your phone from Atomi in Peppi system (see the instructions). Be prepared to prove your identity when using the card. Students in Open Studies cannot receive a KELA meal support card.

Health care

The school pastor is at your disposal with the challenges and pressures of your studies and everyday life.

Open studies students are not eligible for student health care. Please contact the health centre in your area.


Open Studies students are covered by Jamk’s insurance policies.

JAMKO student union

Open Studies students cannot join the student union JAMKO, but can participate in student events organized by JAMKO and, if they wish, acquire student coveralls.


Open Studies students can apply for student housing from the Central Finland Student Housing Foundation (KOAS). However, applicants are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Especially during busy times, degree students come first.

Parking in campus areas

Open Studies students can apply for student parking permits.

Certificate / transcript of records

During your studies, you can download an electronically signed transcript of your records from Atomi service in Peppi system.

After the studies, you can order a transcript of records for study paths and single courses. Students in a diploma of higher education or other study module will automatically receive a certificate of studies at their home address upon completion of their studies.

You can view your completed studies with online banking IDs from the My Studyinfo service.