Workday Dynamo, Lutakko campus 25.1.2023

Workday is back! The popular networking event brings Jamk students and potential employers together, offering students a change to create connections and find job opportunities in the area!

Company representatives! The interest towards the event is at its all time high, so the stands will be filled out quickly. The registration for companies opens in October, on this page, so get ready to reserve a spot as soon as it's possible!

25.01.2023 10:00 - 14:00
Event type
For students
Event language

Finnish and English


Piippukatu 2
40100 Jyväskylä

The long awaited networking event is back!

What's this all about then? Workday is a recruitment event, where company representatives and Jamk students get a chance to meet and network on Jamk campuses.

Employers, the floor is yours! Come meet your future employees and scout out the talents your looking for among our students! 

And students - here's a golden chance for you to find the summer work, thesis work, and internship opportunities you've been looking for! 

Workday is a two day event, on two separate campuses - Wednesday 25th of January it'll be in Dynamo Campus (Piippukatu 2) and on Thursday 26th of January on the Main Campus (Rajakatu 35).

For more information, please contact

Katja Pihkasalo

Tuottaja, Producer
Markkinointipalvelut, Marketing Services
Korkeakoulupalvelut, University Services