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Open studies in the field of ICT are suited to you, if you are planning to apply for engineering or Bachelor of Business Administration studies in the field of Business Information Technology in the University of Applied Sciences (degrees in Finnish), want to improve your professional skills or better your all-round education. You can select studies based on your interests, such as study modules in the world of cybersecurity, games, programming, data networks or engineering.

Languages and Communication

Open Studies provided by the University of Applied Sciences offer a versatile selection of languages, and you can update your communications skills in the Communication Skills for Working Life course. You can improve your skills in English or Swedish by taking the English/Swedish for Working Life course. If you would like to start studying a new language, you can try Spanish, French, German or Russian! We also offer Finnish as a Second Language (S2) courses.

Language studies often refer to language levels in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. You can read more about the descriptions of these levels on the Europass language passport website.


We offer learning opportunities for both professionals in working life as well as future students. Jurisprudence, leadership, international marketing, finance and accounting – and much more! Some of the studies are completed entirely online.

Tourism and Hospitality

We offer learning opportunities for both professionals in working life as well as future students. You have the opportunity to study leadership in the field of tourism and hospitality management, facilities planning, service design, food tourism and the most recent trends in the field of tourism.

Social Services and Health

Would you like to improve your skills in social and health care services or are you planning to complete a degree? We offer both individual courses and more comprehensive entities. Any studies completed will be accredited as part of the degree, if you were to later apply and be accepted as a degree student.


The studies are suited to anyone who is planning to apply for studies in engineering, wants to improve their professional skills or better their all-round knowledge. Our versatile laboratories and learning environments make for practical learning through open studies in the open university of applied sciences, as well.