Bachelor's Degree

Aim for Degree Studies through Study Path!

Study paths (Bachelor's Level)

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What are study paths?

If you are working towards degree studies, a study path is for you. Study paths usually comprise first-year degree studies, and studying usually takes place in the same group with degree students. If you already have previous studies from a relevant field, an individual study path can also be tailored for you.

For whom?

Study paths are suitable for you if you:

  • are working towards degree studies
  • want to make the most of your gap year
  • are prepared to pursue bachelor’s degree studies on a full-time basis and at a rapid pace for one year
  • want to study with the same group during the whole year
  • want to continue your studies as a degree student directly from the second study year onwards
  • are working towards admission via the open study path


Study path fee / semester
Study path fee is 150 € / semester at Jamk's Open Studies. The full study year will therefore cost 300 €. NOTE! For unemployed job seekers, laid-offs and asylum seekers, study paths are free of charge.


were accepted for degree studies
In 2020, 87% of those who applied through the open study path, were accepted for bachelor's degree studies.