Student experiences from Business Summer School

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Jamk’s Summer School experience is nothing similar to anything I’ve done in other universities. It’s dynamic, fast-paced, and the perfect environment for ideas to flourish. Although it takes effort to be consistent during two and a half weeks, the results are worth every hour spent working.

-Matías Pont, Argentina

Get a taste of summer in Finland

... and what your unforgettable summer school experience could be! 

"This is the best thing, the best thing that could be happening..."

Attending Jamk Summer School was an unforgettable experience. I decided to attend upon the recommendation of my professor, who became a passionate advocate of the program after teaching at the summer school for several years. After attending summer school, I can understand why he was so eager to share this experience with others.

As my first major trip abroad, I am happy I chose to visit Finland. I loved the quiet streets and the many parks in the cities, and the lakes and lush forests in the countryside were a comforting reminder of my home in the Canadian prairies. Even though I was not an experienced traveler, I felt safe and relaxed every time I went outside.

One of the best parts of summer school was making friends with both local and international students. Through those relationships, I would say I learned as much outside the classroom as I did inside of it. It is astonishing to know that I now have friends from across the globe, and it has made me eager to travel again soon to visit them.

My main lesson from this trip is that the best way to experience another country is through the people who live there. Thanks to the hospitality of the staff and students at Jamk, I was able to appreciate Finland in a way that I couldn’t have on my own.

-Tulsa Labonte, Okanagan School of Business, Okanagan College, Canada

A bit of business, a bit of fun

The summer school is a perfect balance of both!

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Risto Korkia-Aho

Kansainvälisten asioiden koordinaattori, International Coordinator
LIKE Hallinto, Administration
Liiketoiminta, School of Business

Anastasiia Mikhlina

Koulutuskoordinaattori, Education Coordinator
Global Competence, Global Competence
Liiketoiminta, School of Business

Leadership, Communication and Responsible Tourism (School of Business)

Intensive, three-week study tracks have been designed to challenge and inspire you in your studies. Jamk Summer School includes lectures, workshops, get-togethers and interesting site visits.

Orientation Weekend in Helsinki and Study Tours

You can join our excursion to Stockholm, Sweden and you can travel on your own or with other students e.g. to Tallinn, Estonia.

Social Programme - Business Summer School

Take part in cultural and social activities in Jyväskylä: e.g. an evening cruise on Lake Päijänne and a traditional Finnish Sauna-night with barbequing and swimming in a lake.