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How to Apply for JAMK's Bachelor's Degree Programmes, spring application period

Application timetable and selection criteria for bachelor's degree programmes conducted in English. Application period 8-22 January 2020.

Nursing training expertise to China

In 2014, JAMK concluded a cooperation agreement with Beihua University. Nurse training and nursing teacher training were launched in the autumn.

Students training nursing in class

Nursing, Bachelor of Health Care

Nursing studies will take you through varied area of healthcare. You are able to plan your studies according to your own study path. Nurses operate flexibly in multi-professional settings in family and community care, as well as in health promotion.

Studying at JAMK has given me some of the most valuable experiences in my life

JAMK has taught me the many practical skills and educational knowledge for my future profession as a registered nurse. From my point of view, the educational process of JAMK University of Applied Sciences has worked extremely well to prepare me for the tasks I will be performing in my future position.

The first Masters of Health Care from JAMK graduate in Kazakhstan

Today, 14 students from the Jointly Implemented Degree Programme between JAMK University of Applied Sciences and Kazakh Medical University of Continuing Education (KazMUCE) will graduate and obtain the degree “Master of Health Care” after two years of studies in the degree programme in Advanced Nursing Practice. The group is the first one to finish their studies in a Made-to-Order Master’s degree programme implemented by a Finnish UAS in the field of health care. In the graduation ceremony in Almaty, Kazakhstan, the students will receive a degree certificate from both JAMK and KazMUCE.