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Changes in the student admission process, but selections made despite coronavirus

Universities of applied sciences will replace the entrance examinations of this spring’s first joint application process planned for April with admissions based on school performance and selection assignments. This is done in response to Finland’s decision to close its borders as part of the measures to combat the coronavirus pandemic. This decision was made in a rectors’ conference held on Tuesday 17 March.

Coronavirus forced universities of applied sciences to leap into digitalisation – eAMK gave them a boost

March 2020 saw a historical moment when the teaching of Finland’s universities of applied sciences moved online all at once. At the same time, the field’s preparedness to go online and potential problems were studied carefully. It was concluded that digital pedagogic support was readily available, online learning had already been a part of people’s lives, and significant issues were not detected, at least at the start. It seems that we have built up momentum and preparedness in the background during the past years, and the leap needed was surprisingly short.

Facilities and operations of JAMK from March 18

The Finnish Government recommends 16.3. In line with its policy of coronavirus pandemics that schools, colleges, universities and polytechnics, civic colleges and other liberal education facilities will be closed and contact teaching will be suspended. The regional administrative offices have ordered the closure of educational establishments and forbid events of more than 10 people. Premises dedicated to research, development and innovation are not affected by the closure.

Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences will organise their entrance examinations online

The universities of applied sciences have, in view of the pandemic situation, decided that the second joint AMK entrance examinations this spring will be organised online. There were 92 000 applicants to the universities of applied sciences by the end of the application period on 1 April. 75 000 of those sought admission in the joint application examinations.

JAMK continues distance teaching until the beginning of the autumn semester – the opening ceremony will be held remotely

JAMK will continue distance teaching until the end of the semester. However, within the framework of the recommendations of the Finnish Government and the Regional State Administrative Agency, JAMK's campuses will be opened to a limited extent, including for teaching and exam purposes. At the same time, JAMK prepares to start the autumn semester with distance learning methods if necessary.

JAMK suspends contact teaching due to the coronavirus situation

JAMK will suspend contact teaching starting from Monday March 16 2020 until further notice due to the coronavirus situation. Students are advised to stay home to study at a distance.

Preparations for student mobilities in the autumn 2020 continue as normal at JAMK University of Applied Sciences

JAMK University of Applied Sciences continues preparations for students’ study/practical training mobilities abroad during autumn 2020 as normal. Similarly, JAMK is also preparing to receive incoming exchange students from its partner institutions. Incoming exchange students from outside the EU/EEA area are recommended to postpone their exchange period at JAMK to spring 2021 due to the challenges in the residence permit process.