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All of JAMK produces innovations

The entire JAMK personnel participated in the ‘Innovaatiopäivät’ (‘Innovation Days’) event at the Paviljonki congress centre in Jyväskylä. The entirely new event concept involved two days of testing the Design Thinking method introduce during the students’ ‘Innovaatioviikot’ (‘Innovation Weeks’) event. 

Board of Directors and Management Team

The Board of Directors of the parent company assembled eleven times during the year of operation. The most essential decisions included regular matters concerning the budget and financial statements as well as the performance agreement proposals.

Cyber security on the upswing

“Cyber security is related to the operations of companies and society at large”.

Diploma of Higher Education launched

The first post secondary diploma students in Finland began their studies at JAMK in August.

Financial situation 1 January 2014–31 December 2014

2014 was the 18th year of operations for JAMK University of Applied Sciences. The Group’s turnover was MEUR 52.2, of which MEUR 46.3 was student income. In the joint application procedure, JAMK’s appeal increased and the JAMK Teacher Education College was the applicants’ favourite again.

International buzz at JAMK

Internationalisation took many forms at JAMK in 2014. For example, the Summer School brought students from all over the world to Jyväskylä and the Day at Work event allowed foreign students to learn about Finnish working life.

JAMK now operates at four campuses

Many JAMK facilities and operations moved in 2014. In addition to moving, lobbies and classrooms, for example, have been redecorated with special attention to multiple usage possibilities.

JAMK’s Teacher Education College number one in Finland again

In 2014, JAMK’s Teacher Education College was the applicants’ favourite again.

Nursing training expertise to China

In 2014, JAMK concluded a cooperation agreement with Beihua University. Nurse training and nursing teacher training were launched in the autumn.

Praise for working life cooperation

A high rate of JAMK graduates find employment. Two in three students completing a bachelor’s degree at JAMK have a job at the time of graduation.

Significant accreditation to the Logistics Engineering degree programme

The accreditation is important to JAMK because it shows that the degree programme in Logistics Engineering has the same quality criteria as similar degree programmes in Europe’s leading educational institutes.

The Tarvaala Bioeconomy Campus is developing

The Tarvaala Bioeconomy Campus is evolving into a future bioeconomy expertise and business development area.