Minna Tunkkari-Eskelinen, PhD (econ)

Minna Tunkkari-Eskelinen, PhD. (econ) Chair of the Scientific Committee works as principal lecturer at JAMK University of Applied Sciences. She has also worked at University of Jyväskylä in degree program on Entrepreneurship and Secretary Institute of Education Evaluation. She has also been co-founder of the consultancy firm Confidentum Ltd. Her doctoral dissertation was published in 2005 focusing on family business next generation members’ perspective. She has been writing on entrepreneurship and family business research topics in several conference-proceedings. Lately she has conducted research on sustainable tourism from entrepreneurs’ perspective and sustainability as a customer insight of Finnish tourists. She is also actively involved in innovative service design practices in co-creation with the students and entrepreneurs. Currently, she is a vice member in Board of Entrepreneurship Education Research Association in Finland.

Professor Johan R. Edelheim (PhD)

Professor Johan R. Edelheim (PhD), Director at the Multidimensional Tourism Institute; Dean of Tourism research at University of Lapland; Department Head for Hospitality studies at Lapland University of Applied Sciences and Manager for Lapland Tourism College Professor Edelheim is a dual citizen of Finland and Australia. He started his working career in the tourism and hospitality industries and changed later over to education related to the same fields on both vocational and higher education levels. Professor Edelheim has diplomas and degrees from such diverse sciences as hospitality, business, education, philosophy and cultural studies. He took on his current role as director of the Multidimensional Tourism Institute, an innovative combination of tourism research and education at three different educational institutions representing three different educational dimensions, in August 2011.  
Professor Edelheim presents his research philosophy in the following terms: Behind most of my research lies a deeply rooted aim for humanism and equality. I look at society and events with a purpose to highlight inequality in order to bring issues to common awareness. These matters of inequality can be found in all fields of studies and a conscious use of different theoretical lenses allows me to investigate matters in novel ways. The majority of my studies focus in different ways on tourism, hospitality, leisure, education and society – quite often using different popular culture sources as my data collection sites. I prefer qualitative methods, though I see the need for well performed quantitative studies to inform decision makers of generalisable matters. I feel confident using narrative, content and critical discourse analysis as well as different kinds of post-Husserlian phenomenology. In looking at publications I have produced, three distinct categories can be distinguished; A) culturally critical tourism and hospitality studies; B) tourism and hospitality education studies; and C) clarifications of tourism and hospitality concepts.

Dr Outi Rantala

Outi Rantala is a university lecturer at the Multidimensional Tourism Institute in the University of Lapland, Finland. She is interested in exploring tourism and nature in the North, and has an active role in the steering group of the University of Arctic’s Thematic Network on Northern Tourism. Her research focuses on nature relationship and rhythms of everyday and holiday through such phenomenon as wilderness guiding, touristic sleep, weather, adventure tourism, and tourism architecture.

Dr Mirja Kälviäinen (PhD)

Dr. Mirja Kalviainen is the principal lecturer of MA level design and media studies in the Design and Art Institute Lahti University of Applied Sciences in Finland. Her earlier carrier has included both research and development based post as a principal lecturer in design and Head of School in design post in other applied universities in Finland. She also carries a docentship in user driven design in the University of Eastern Finland and another docentship in design as an innovation tool in the University of Jyväskylä in Finland. Her design research interests have included research work on user driven design and front end innovation process, professional evaluation and professionalism in design. Research work on theoretical models and methods for studies on consumer taste for product development purposes have included applications of visual research methods such as developing a User Image Tool, an Internet based user understanding tool for visual stimulus material. Her work has carried out investigations and project applications for design thinking as a multidisciplinary and user orientated innovation tool. Resent project themes and applications have concentrated especially on design and wellbeing and on the questions of consumption, design and environmental sustainability. On all these issues she has published on international and national level design research publications.

Dr Anne Törn (PhD)

Dr Anne Törn (PhD) is a Lecturer at the JAMK University of Applied Sciences in Jyväskylä. She has worked widely in the field of responsible tourism, in research, teaching and development activities. Her research has mainly been focused on responsibility in the tourism and hospitality sector. Her current research interest is sustainability in tourism marketing. She has also done research on for example networking and welfare of rural enterprises at the University of Helsinki. Törn completed her PhD Thesis on social and environmental sustainability in tourism at the University of Oulu. She is also working as a reviewer for journals such as Journal of Environmental Management, Journal of Tourism Management and Boreal Environmental Research.