The tourism sector meets new challenges with vast economic, ecological, social, cultural and political changes confronting us. These changes call for the swift development of solutions to mitigate or to adapt to them. They also shape customers’ expectations and quality requirements; we fail to meet those changing expectations at our peril. Globally tourism industry struggles with overcrowding and overtourism, the consequence of our very success as an industry. For example, the cruise industry comes with positive and negative impacts and is one of the hot issues in overtourism discussion. Carbon is one of the key challenges in tourism, not only for transportat, our industry is very dependent on cheap fossil fuels. As a consequence of the pandemic the issue of resilience has come to the fore. Papers on resilience are welcome focused on the issues for business, destinations or the the transport which carries people from home to the destination.

Tackling these challenges means creating new operational solutions for Responsible Tourism. The Responsible Tourism in Destinations Finland conference invites you to Helsinki, Finland on 9-10 June 2022 with the theme Advancing Responsible Tourism. The conference will focus on solutions in decarbonising travel and tourism, introduces possibilities to apply sustainable CleanTech innovations in tourism, dicusses resilience in tourism and presents opportunities in preventing overtourism. The conference will enable those taking part to assess the effectiveness of the Finnish approach to taking responsibility to achieve sustainability by introducing the Sustainable Travel Finland programme.

The conference is being organised by the ICRT Finland, led by JAMK University of Applied Sciences, partnering with Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences, Visit Finland, University of Stavanger/ The Norwegian School of Hotel Management and Icelandic Tourism Research Centre. Helsinki is one of the pilot destinations in the Sustainable Travel Finland initiative launched in September 2019 by Visit Finland. The initiative provides companies and destinations with a sustainable development process covering ecological, social, economic and cultural dimensions.


Responsible Tourism in Destinations Finland wishes to receive presentations especially on practical cases, academic research, reports on work in progress discussing the themes of

• Destination development and responsibility
• Overtourism and overcrowding
• Resilience in tourism
• Socio-cultural aspects in responsible tourism
• Sense of community in tourism destinations
• Responsible tourism and hospitality business
• Tourism employment and responsibility
• Tourism related industries and responsibility
• CleanTech, new technologies and digitalisation in responsible tourism
• Responsible marine and lake tourism
• Developing expertise on responsible tourism
• Circular economy in responsible tourism
• Stakeholder thinking in responsibility issues
• Challenges on tourism caused by climate change
• Building the industry back – ensuring responsibility during and after the pandemic
• Other relevant themes related to the conference themes

Please note that the abstracts should be submitted as an e-mail attachment (MS Word-document) to the Scientific Programme Committee The deadline for abstract submission is the 15th of February 2022.

Guidelines for Abstracts

This year case studies will be edited and published in Best Practises in Responsible Tourism book. Research papers will be edited and published in a Special issues in Responsible Tourism Vol II. See the first issue.